The Best of Fall Style Trends 2022–Part 1

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When it comes to fall, all things cozy, warm and luxurious come to mind.

And when it comes to fall style trends, this season’s color palette and textures do not disappoint. We love the richness and sophistication of the fabrications we are seeing this fall, and in terms of color, we love winter white, the timeless luxury of camel and grey (in all their hues), and, of course, the chic of black.



Few things are better than cozying up in fabulous knits as temperatures begin to drop and we feel a chill in the air. From sweaters and leggings to pants, ponchos, skirts, and dresses, knits will be plentiful!

This season we’ll be seeing a lot of chunky, easy-to-wear, soft-feeling sweaters that I see going beautifully with every style of bottom in your fall wardrobe, from joggers and jeans to dress pants and skirts. Sweaters abound in cozy fabrications and fun silhouettes.

We’ll also be seeing knit pants, ponchos, and skirt and jacket ensembles. Knit dresses also make an appearance in the fall trends and are a serious wardrobe “must-have.” I see the fabulous candidates that I’ve shopped for you worn with boots, pointy-toe knee-high boots, round-toed lug soles, and mid-calf (at least) chunky boots. As you can tell from the boot styles listed, they can be dressed up or dressed down for stunning, comfy, cozy looks.

And be sure to check out all the phenomenal ponchos around this season! These are timeless pieces that are endlessly versatile, have the “WOW factor,” and will serve you for years.


Menswear, although it’s not called that this season, is a style trend that we often see in the fall. This year’s jackets are primarily double-breasted and feature an oversized silhouette (including the shoulders) reminiscent of the ’80s. These jackets are oversized in every way. That said, if you are in the market for one of these fabulous pieces, I would counsel you to go only slightly oversized and choose a more timeless cut to extend the longevity of this wardrobe essential.

This ’80s look in menswear also encompasses trousers, crispy white button-front shirts, ponchos, and dress coats. Again, you’ll notice that ’80s influence in the double-breasted coats you’ll see in the shopping, and I highly encourage you to take a close look at these fabulous finds. They are show-stopping treasures for sure, and their pricing is yummy! I, for one, love that that menswear trend is so all-encompassing.


Midi-length dresses, skirts, and coats are here everywhere. You will see lots of mini skirts and dresses this season—there is quite a mix—but our focus for the fall style trends is on the midi-length silhouettes.


Wrap coats are everywhere, and here I want to share some budget-friendly fashion advice with you. If you know or have followed me for any length of time, you will know that I am a HUGE fan of Max Mara because of their understated chic, quality of construction, and their fabulous pricing. There is no middleman at Max Mara, so when you buy from them, you are getting tremendous value.

Having said that, if you are looking for a timeless coat, this is the year to acquire one. The Max Mara “Manuela” wrap coat is quite possibly the number one selling coat in the world.  I have sold it to nearly all of my clients over the years. And this year, I recommend you buy it overseas to tap into excellent pricing on this extraordinary coat!

If you buy the “Manuela” here in the U.S., this coat, which never goes on sale, will cost you $3190. However, Matches Fashion (out of the U.K.) sells this coat in camel for $2049. That is a MASSIVE savings! The black version of the coat costs more (due to the dying process), but it’s still much less expensive than you’ll find in the U.S. So, ladies, spread your international wings and go for it duty-free and US tax-free. You will be forever thrilled you took advantage of this pricing. P.S. You’ll see both the camel and black versions of this coat in the shopping below.

And another thing to keep in mind is this coat sells out every year, and this year I suspect it will sell out at the speed of light. So, if it’s on your “must-have” list, I suggest that you snap one up for yourself immediately. Just a helpful tip.


While we’re on the topic of coats, trench coats for those cool (and sometimes rainy) autumn days are a hot ticket, so be sure to include this style essential among your must-haves. Trench coats are a lifetime purchase if you select a timeless silhouette, and you’ll find plenty of them here in the shopping.


One of the biggest trends this season centers around denim. I see wide-leg and straight-leg jeans as the mainstay. And, of course, we can’t live without our denim jackets. That fabulous wardrobe essential pops your look for sure!


Leather is another trend to look for in many iterations, from pants and skirts to jackets and more. Here you will be treated to a few yummy shearlings and leather jackets.

Note that some of what you see aren’t leather, but they have that appeal. Enjoy!


The colors for fall are all over the board, from bold, bright tones to what we would traditionally look for in fall. My money is on winter white, camel, olive, grey, and black. However, if you’re looking for a pop of color, you’ll want to think along the lines of fuchsia. You will see this lovely hot pink in many incarnations, including sweaters, other knits, coats, pants, jackets, bags, shoes, and more. I see it as a stunning, fun, and trendy accent with black!

And last but certainly not least, the monochromatic look is a huge trend that I consider to be the pinnacle of chic. It is the height of subtle luxury and show-stopping fabulousness. This season focus on winter white, camels, greys, and black as you create your own stunning monochromatic looks. 



This season is exciting in that it has the feel of what we used to think of as fabulous fall luxe, and thank goodness it is back with us. I love the overall luxury and richness of each of the categories of trends this fall.  They draw you in and create a sense of excitement to get dressed to the nines and head out into the world.

I just know you’re going to love the scrumptious pieces I’ve shopped for you… and anything you buy, you will love, live in, and have for years to come.

Finally, because there was so much fun shopping to be had, I have decided to break down the trends into two segments. While today’s focus is on apparel, next week, I will finish up with shoes and bags. I know that will make your heart beat faster as you look forward to checking out those treasures as well! See you next week!


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