New Year, New You—A Fitness Wardrobe Refresh!

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Refreshing your fitness wardrobe is a fabulous way to begin a new year.

So here we are in a new year and the phrase “new year, new you” is one that takes on a whole new level of importance. It’s no great surprise that most of us see the new year as a time to start fresh with the changes we want to make—and this year, in particular, I think those intentions are even more magnified as we continue to move back into our “normal” life routines.

Historically, the most common New Year commitment we tend to make is to improve our physical health by eating better and working out more. We know that healthier living and self-care ultimately make us happier and help to improve our confidence, so we enthusiastically resolve to take on a new healthcare regime—and hopefully, we stick to it past February!

Our time of living through periods of isolation during the pandemic has been one for the history books. If you’re like me, there has been a lot of wearing the same old yoga pants, joggers, and sweatshirts throughout. Okay, let’s be honest—we’ve lived in them—even as we have begun to emerge into our new “normal.”

With that in mind, many of us would no doubt like a fresh start with some great NEW workout and leisure pieces that are both comfortable and adorable. Enter what we have for you here.

You will note that a number of the treasures we show are more designer-oriented, as per usual, but in addition to that, I have tapped a mostly previously unused source for Be Iconic Style—hold on to your hats—Amazon! Don’t judge; what we’ve found is seriously adorable. I know—who knew? Lol!

Having said that, let’s go for it.



Let’s begin with some fun hoodies as they are your pull-your-look-together third piece. These looks pack a lot of punch. And as most of us use our workout wear look to live in, in addition to working out, I included some cashmere. Who doesn’t love the luxurious, cozy, soft feel of cashmere as you are cruise through your day? Seriously yummy.

Whether you choose cashmere or not, these fun hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect for all your jean looks as well so keep that in mind. I think you will love what you see. I sure did!


When it comes to the ever necessary “third piece,” (as a fashion statement or necessity) jackets and cardigans are essential for both comfort and to finish your look. These yummy jackets and cardigans fall into both categories.  I particularly love that many of them can be worn in the mountains for après ski and in the city with jeans and your workout bottoms.

You will love the versatility of what you see here. And the chic is perfect!


In addition to our third pieces, the tops and/or t-shirts we wear are essential to the completion of your look. I have found some truly adorable, simple, and functional tees and tops that are good year-round, layered, or worn on their own.

Some of these are really meant for workouts, however, most serve a dual purpose in that you can live in them as well. They look great with your jeans and as layering pieces.


The bottoms I’ve found range from joggers (the ultimate comfort pant for life) to crop leggings to bootcut yoga pants—some with pockets!

On a side note, how many times have you been desperate for a pocket in your leggings and yoga pants?? We think you will absolutely fall in love with this concept.


Joggers and sweatshirts that come as a set are just plain genius. There’s no hassle figuring out what piece goes with what—it’s just simple and easy. And for those of you in top form, these onesies are perfect.

Once again, these pieces are perfect for both working out and living in. The sets can be worn as is or mixed and matched. Hoodies can be worn with jeans, and joggers can be worn with cashmere sweaters and t-shirts. They even work with combat boots (for daytime) and strappy sandals for night.

The onesies work fabulously with a great tunic sweater and your UGGs or other shearling boots including mid-calf combat boots. How perfect and fun is this!


Last but certainly not least, we’re going to focus on sneakers. White leather sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes. We need them, we live in them, and all of us could use a new version of what we have been living in for a year or so.  

New sneakers, especially the chic style of these designer labels, are just a wonderful treat for self. These fashion sneakers are fabulous worn with your jeans and so many other looks including the skirts and dresses already in your wardrobe.

Remember, when people check you out, they always start with your feet. And they will certainly notice these yummy treasures! So, step up and out with a pair of these endlessly chic sneakers.

Have a delightful journey with all these adorable, easy, endlessly useful treasures. 

We all know we will definitely use them to work out, and we are more inclined to work out when we feel cute. We all also know we will end up living in these chic pieces for our day-to-day dressing. Many of us have been doing this for years so for you this could be more about finding adorable looks to put on every day as you go about your business.

All these pieces are perfect for combining with your jeans or sweaters which make these extremely versatile and practical for every day in other categories. Each will be a hit for sure and help with easy dressing.  And for workout? Perfect!

Happy hunting! Here’s to a glorious fresh start to the new year and the success of your “new you!”

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