How to Care for Your Cashmere

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Who doesn’t love the luxury of cashmere?

It is one of life’s greatest treasures where your wardrobe is concerned. But do you know the steps to take to ensure that it’s around for the long haul? We have a few simple tips for you that will do just that.


How to Make Your Cashmere Last Forever

Shedding and piling are very common for natural fibers like cashmere and cannot be avoided but can definitely be reduced. Here are a few tips we have found helpful…

Tips on avoiding/removing pilling:

  1. Hand-wash your cashmere with cold water
  2. The less you wash your cashmere, the better.
  3. Use a wool comb or sweater stone to shave off the pills. These special combs do not harm your items in any way!

Help reduce cashmere from shedding:

While it is impossible to prevent shedding altogether, you can take steps to limit the amount of fiber that ends up on other clothing. A common way to minimize the shedding of garments made from natural protein-based fibers like cashmere is to freeze them as this makes the fibers more likely to remain fixed in place. This is easily done by placing them in a Ziploc bag in your freezer for a couple of hours.

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