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We love timeless, chic coats. Which cozy options will end up in your wardrobe?


Timeless fall and winter coats are a lifetime investment. Coats are obviously necessary for warmth, but they also serve as chic outerwear pieces that make a style statement. They finish your look and that has huge impact. When looking for a coat, think in terms of understated chic. We’re talking simple lines and rich fabric for these essential fall and winter wardrobe showstoppers.


Start with a Black Coat

Remember that when building your wardrobe, the first winter coat color to invest in is black. Black gets you everywhere in chic style. If you were my personal client, this is the direction I’d head you in. Why? Black coats not only get you through the day, but also dinner, cocktails, the theatre, and other evening activities.

If you already own a black coat and are looking to invest in a second, go for camel. Camel is also a perfect timeless coat, however, keep in mind that it does NOT work for evening. Camel coats are for daytime use only. For this reason, I advise that you invest in a black coat first. You will be very glad that you paid attention to my counsel as you wear these treasures for years.

Regardless of the color, you want to with stay with simple, clean, understated chic lines. In other words, look for the timeless wrap coat and the simple A-line coat. These two styles are classically chic.

There are other styles to consider, so find what speaks to your chic loving soul and make it your own. Just remember to keep this cozy investment piece simple and understated.


Fall & Winter Coat Colors to Invest in

If you already own both black and camel coats, no worries—we have lots more for you to see!

I am a huge fan of the luxe look of both grey coats and winter white coats. These chic shades add a phenomenal luxurious impact to your look. This is especially true when worn with a monochromatic color palette. In fact, this is the ultimate in chic. Combining a winter white top and bottom with a winter white coat is perfect for evening, too.

Think in terms of dinners out, cocktail, and all else. Wow! Now, this look is a true showstopper. You should also note that your winter white and grey coats pair beautifully with every color. That said, mixing them with your favorite fall looks is a breeze.


Other Coats to Add to Your Wardrobe

My philosophy on coats is this—buy well and you’ll have them forever. This not only means years of use but also that in practice, the expense is amortized, making it a true investment.

And speaking of investments, I’ve included another wardrobe essential—the trench coat—for its timelessness and practicality. Again, buy well, and you’ll have your trench coat for a lifetime.

Another style of coat to consider is the shacket. This is a huge trend this year and so much fun as you put your casual looks together. I see wearing shackets with flare or bootcut jeans and pointy-toe booties. A white, thermal long-sleeved tee or yummy cashmere turtleneck would be fabulous to complete your look.

I’ve also featured some plaid coats and sporty après ski coats which you will also be possessed by. And last, but not least, you’re going to love the colorful and fabulously textured coats I’ve found. All are chic and stunning!

Ready? Let’s begin.

Must-Have Coats for Fall & Winter

Black Dress Coats

As black fall and winter coats are to be your first purchase, that’s where we’re going to start. And trust me, you’re going to love these treasures.

Regarding the lengths of these coats, please note the following: When wearing a dress or skirt, your coat needs to cover the hem of your dress. This is a little-known rule, but it’s an important one! Your dress hemline should never fall below the bottom of your coat. This principle divides those who know from those who don’t know.

If I might, I’d like to share something about myself. I do not put on dresses or skirts unless I absolutely must, so coat length isn’t generally an issue for me. While I do have some longer coats, most fall above the knee to cover all my pant bottoms. Just a thought if you happen to fall into my style of dressing.

If, on the other hand, you wear dresses or skirts, you should look at the midi length coats, and you will be good to go. These coats are all simple, understated chic.

Camel Dress Coats

As stated above, camel is the second coat to own after black. Note the wrap and other simple styles in this coat. This is a treasure you will own all your life so choose simply and wisely.

If like me, your figure is more straight up and down (or you have a tummy), I have a trick for you. Tie the coat’s belt in back with a square knot or a bow. Doing this pulls the sides of the coat in and gives you shape.

Additionally, I have a hook and eye sewn onto my wrap coats so I can close the coat in cold weather. This allows me to leave the belt tied in the back—giving me shape—and also keeps me warm.

Again, all these treasures are simple and understated allowing for a lifetime of use.

Winter White & Grey Coats

Next up are the super chic, super luxe-looking winter white and grey coats I mentioned earlier. As mentioned above, these luxurious colors, bring so much showstopping chic to your look whether you go monochromatic or mix and match.

All the styles are simple and gorgeous. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Trench Coats

And now on to our timeless investment trench coats. Again, this is a piece that you will buy once and live joyfully with, forever.

When it comes to trench coats, there are two colors—khaki and black. You can easily do either and you’re good to go. And styles? Well, you can go “classic trench” or you can go A-line or drapey.

You’re going to love the adorable rain jackets featured here. All will work, but keep in mind that the timeless trenches in khaki and black (e.g. your classic styles) will stand the test of time better than the cute, fun rain jackets you’ll see. The reason is that they pack a more sophisticated punch rather than just being clever and fun.

Having said that, you will love what you see here.

Après Ski & Parkas

One of the hottest trends you’ll see in coats this season is the category of Après ski. These coats are endlessly useful and will keep you joyously warm!

This style can go so many places and there are such fun ways to wear them. Think anything from shearling boots to pointy-toe boots. If you choose the pointy-toe route, you’ll want to wear a flare-cut or boot-cut jean. If you go with shearling boots, think skinny jeans that you’ll tuck into your boots.

Regardless of what you wear on your feet, these coats are fabulous to own and wear.

Plaid Coats, Shacket Coats, and Coats with Color

You’re going to love this section and its fun colors and chic fall and winter silhouettes.

The plaid coats are phenomenal. They are so clever and delicious you’ll want to own them all. And the coat shackets are equally fabulous! You can wear them as dresses with knee-high boots or as a coat with your jeans. This is one of the hottest trends that I am possessed by as you will soon see!

In review, your fall and winter coats are investment pieces that will not only make a statement but will impact your look in a positive way. To assure that impact you must buy quality and you must buy chic. Doing so means a lifetime investment, and taking amortization into account, this investment could be the least expensive piece you’ve ever purchased! Good food for thought.

Enjoy your coat investment journey—it could easily be the love affair of a lifetime! 

Which of these treasures will keep you toasty warm this fall and winter?

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