The Best Women’s Shoes and Boots for Fall 2021

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Shoes, glorious shoes! Now, this is a subject near and dear to all our hearts. With that in mind, I figured you would all love to see the best new shoes and boots in store for us this fall. How fun is that?

I’ve found some incredible treasures and I just know you’re going to love what you see. However, as you may or may not be aware, there are fewer options available to us than in seasons past. That said, if you see something you love, I encourage you to act. People are shopping—a lot—so what is available for our delectation, is moving quickly.

The obvious part is this: because of the pandemic, the fashion industry came to a screeching halt a year-and-a-half ago. And although the wheels are still grinding slowly forward, it’s taking a long time for the industry to recover. As a result, there is far less to select from, and the fabulous pieces aren’t available for long. Consider yourself enlightened.

All that said, let’s dive into all things shoes and boots!



Sandals are a year-round attraction in the shoe department, and I’ve got lots of great styles to share with you.

First, I’ve included my all-time favorite strappy sandal as this style works so beautifully with jeans and evening looks—whether you’re going for casual or cocktail. If you’re putting together a casual look, they’re great with skinny crop jeans, flare and bootcut jeans for sure, and straight and boyfriend jeans with rolled cuffs.

Next up are platform sandals and clogs, both of which are such a fun trend with the 60s look that we’ll find so prevalent this season. This is a category of shoe whose various styles pack a serious punch. It also helps that they are endlessly useful. You’ll want to consider pairing your platform sandals and clogs with your bootcut and flare-leg jeans.


I find slides and mules to be such delicious shoe categories!

The shopping in this section features some very fun and chic slides and mules of the comfy, cozy variety. And for those of you who know my style aesthetic, please don’t faint when you see Birkenstocks and their look-alikes below!

And speaking of Birkenstocks, if you are a fan of this look, a chic way to wear them is with heavy white cotton socks worn over leggings or skinny jeans. And as far as the other slides and mules go, they are fabulous with wide-leg, flare, and bootcut jeans. You just can’t go wrong with them!

There’s lots of fun everywhere in this group of yummy, useable shoes. I think you will love the wide variety of looks.


This style is a shoe wardrobe “must-have” to wear with jeans of various styles and dressier flare-leg pants as well as menswear looks!

Loafers go perfectly with any of your suitings. As an example, for years I have been possessed with the idea of pairing white loafers with an all-black look. That look can be comprised of a black pantsuit or a black turtleneck and black trousers. Regardless of which way you lean, a pair of white loafers simply pop the whole look. It is a stunning effect, so I hope you will give it a try.

Be sure to wear loafers with your wide-leg jeans which could be paired with either a white tee and a blazer or a fabulous turtleneck sweater. This is such a simple yet show-stopping look!

What will you add to your fall shoe wardrobe?


I couldn’t resist dropping in a few pairs of sneakers—just because they are so adorable. Plus, who doesn’t live in their sneakers?

The white leather sneaker is perfect with jeans of all varieties—boyfriend, straight-leg (either full-length or rolled cuffed), flare-leg, and bootcut. Quite simply, they are a fabulous staple.


Last, but most assuredly, not least, let’s look at what’s in store for boots—my favorite category of shoe! Boots have become a year-round staple and I never cease to want to own a zillion of them. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Pointy-toe Boots

You’ll not be surprised to learn that I’ve focused on a number of pointy-toe style boots. As you all know I feel the pointy-toe is the most flattering silhouette of any shoe style.

A fabulous look you will want to emulate is a pointy-toe, knee-high boot worn under jeans that are rolled to mid-calf. This look packs an enormous punch and is seriously chic.

Lug-sole & Combat boots

I’m also featuring the lug-sole and combat boot both of which are a hot trend to own this season. Wear them with your cozy pants—I’m thinking utility or joggers—and tuck the pants into your chunky boot.

The combat boot and lug-sole chunky Chelsea boot are perfect with full-length straight-leg and wide-leg jeans, as well as your cozy bottoms. When wearing straight-leg jeans you can roll the cuffs for another fabulous and trendy look.

Skinny jeans look amazing tucked in, and you can even half-tuck your straight-leg jeans for a very relaxed, almost ruched look.

Shearling-lined boots

What would fall be without the coziness of the ever-practical shearling-lined boot? They are simply the best on those chilly days that require cozy gear. Enjoy!


In addition to the pointy-toe boot is the bootie, or ankle boot. Pointy-toe is always the way to go when it comes to booties. They are fabulous with your full-length (never cropped) flare and bootcut jeans.

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