The Life-Changing Power of an Investment Wardrobe

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If you have followed Be Iconic Style for any length of time, you’ll be familiar with my philosophy; what you wear and how you present to others has a powerful effect that can be both positive and negative. And this is particularly true in the workplace.

I often speak about the incredible importance of a small investment power wardrobe, and my primary reason for doing so is that we are all assessed by others in less than the blink of an eye. How we present ourselves to our colleagues, coworkers, bosses, etc., can skew their perception of how capable and reliable we are—for better or worse. We all want to be judged on what we bring to the table, so let’s make sure that what we’re wearing does not derail that effort.

Still skeptical? You’re going to want to listen to the following audio clip from Module 1 of my course, “Transform Your Life Through Style.” This three-minute story is about an experience a client of mine had on a work trip—and it is a game-changer in that it highlights the impact your choice of apparel has on your professional future. The power of this story is truly clarifying.


Laura's Story – The Power of an Investment Wardrobe

by Bobbi Schwartz

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