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“On the road again, Goin’ places that I’ve never been, Seein’ things that I may never see again, And I can’t wait to get on the road again!”

–Willie Nelson


I just can’t help but quote the lyrics of “On the Road Again.” This beloved song is a great source of inspiration for me, especially as the COVID vaccine is allowing us the freedom to explore once again.

Travel is my biggest passion, so, if like me you’re longing to get out of “Dodge” but aren’t quite ready for international travel, you might consider the ever-popular adventure known as a road trip!

This blog will be the first in a series focused on a few places we think you may want to visit this summer. So, if a road trip is on your agenda, you’re in the right place!



This week’s road trip adventure takes us to the beach and our style focus is Beach Bum Chic! After all, what would summer be without at least one road trip that takes you to the beach?

Beach culture in the U.S. tends to be very casual and it has its own, specific look. This look is quite different from the “dressy chic” of beach and pool resort—a topic we will cover in our next Road Trip Adventure. For now, however, we’re going to focus on casual, “beach bum chic” and the culture around it. Having grown up on the beaches of Southern California, and later, spent extended time in Hawaii, I have studied this fun way to “beach” in detail.



There are a number of elements to consider with this style of beach dressing, but one thing to always keep in mind is that everything is relaxed. T-shirts and tank tops, cut-offs, rubber flip flops, casual shift dresses, and almost anything “hippie bohemian” work to carry off this fun and relaxed approach to casual chic “beaching.”



Let’s start with the obvious—swimwear. If you are a one-piece suit wearer the simple tank suit (reminiscent of the Bay Watch days) is a great way to go. It is simple and clean-cut, easy to wear, and comfy. This simple suit can be done in either bright colors or black.

I also love Magicsuit and Miraclesuit swimwear; they are excellent in every way. The point to remember is that whatever one-piece suit you don, keep it casual, simple, and tasteful. You certainly can’t go wrong with any of the suits I’ve shopped for you below!


When considering bikinis, you’re really going to want to keep “beach bum chic” top of mind as you’re putting your look together. As I have noted a number of times in past videos and blog posts, one of my favorite beach bum looks is the mixing and matching of tops and bottoms as opposed to having them match.

I am a huge fan of owning both black and white triangle tops and pairing them with coordinating (but not matching) bottoms. Regardless of which swim look you prefer, you want your beach bum suit to be understated, relaxed, and fun!

One quick note with regard to bikinis; I prefer triangle to bandeau tops as bandeau tops are more apt to accidentally slip off while you are frolicking in the waves. I’m all for casual, but not for over-exposure! Just a helpful hint to ensure a more relaxed day.


Cover-ups are another element of Beach Bum Chic that you’ll want to adopt. I have left off denim cut-offs as we all have, no doubt, numerous pairs. In this context, you will want to pair them with a tank or a t-shirt and black rubber flip-flops, and you are good to go in true casual beach bum style.

Let’s be sure not to forget the light, flowy shifts, which are perfect for covering up. Paired with rubber flip-flops, this look is flattering to the leg and practically makes you a local at whichever coast or beach you are on.


Shoes, bags, AND hats are all lovely necessities for completing your beach bum look.

For shoes, I have included a number of slides and flip flops as well as a vintage-looking, Converse-style sneaker. All of these options are incredible with cut-offs, however, I would do flip flops with the shifts as they are more flattering to your leg when wearing a dress.

I’ve also shopped some casual, fun hats (a definite necessity) as well as a number of fabulous totes. Everything you’ll need is right here!

What we’ve featured here are all perfect casual chic pieces for your beach bum road trip. So, have fun shopping!

And as an added bonus, the focus of this week’s Fashion Friday video is Beach Bum Chic, so be sure to check us out on Facebook Live at 1 PM. And, as always, we’ll be sharing more ideas and even do a little bit of show and tell on Instagram.


Next on the Road Trip Adventure Agenda—
Beach & Pool Resort!

Be sure to check in next week for even more beachwear treasures—and we’ll be taking it up to the next level of chic!


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