If you’ve been following our posts over the last few weeks, you’ll understand the importance of how we present ourselves in the business world…

What we choose to wear and carry, from our shoes, to our bags, to our accessories, are all critical to how we are perceived by our bosses, colleagues, clients, vendors, etc.

Today we’re going to focus on a very observable tool in your success arsenal—your pen. Now before you dismiss this topic, hear me out. As usual, I have a story to share with you about one of my clients and an experience she had using her Montblanc pen at a board meeting.

Montblanc pens are the most recognized luxury writing instrument in the world, and their logo, the white star, is recognized worldwide as a symbol of success.

I hope you’ll take a minute (literally) to listen to Stephanie’s story. This short tale of success will speak volumes to you if you are looking to make your mark and ascend the career ladder!

Enjoy, and here’s to your success!


Stephanie's Investment Pen Story

by Bobbi Schwartz

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