The sneaker has become the wardrobe staple of the century.

They are fabulous with all of your knock-around looks from jeans, crop pants, and wide-leg pants to your everyday sport clothes. I have included only the lace up styles as I am so loving them. I firmly believe sneakers are one the biggest must-haves of the season and predict they will become a long time staple in our wardrobes.

The “new” and ever so chic sneaker is leather and white. Almost every major designer has done them but my favorites have been St. Laurent, Givenchy, Lanvin, Common Projects and Golden Goose and Isabel Marant.

Having listed those fabulous notables, I must say there are tons of non fortune costing sneakers that are fabulous as well. If your budget isn’t prepared for a $500 or more pair of sneakers then these guys are your new best friends.

Use this look continually. It is a fresh fun twist to getting dressed everyday and can give your look an easy, edgy, chic look.  It is young without being cheesy.  As much as this horrifies me I am going to tell you to check out the young super models for some inspiration. Look at Gigi Haddid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and find some very easy, casually incredible ways to wear your sneaker look.

I am personally partial to the longer legging (if you can find them with the Addidas stripe all the better) as well as your flare leg jean.  These are my two favorite ways to use my sneakers. The white t shirt of course is your best top to pair with this look. And your third piece can be a sweat type jacket or even denim.

Have fun with this and check out these suggested treasures that you will be possessed to own.