Essential shoes consist of categories that we live in endlessly and that will literally serve you for years. Here we are including sneakers, booties and pumps.

The booties and pumps need to be pointy. The pointy toe is a timeless must have. It is by far the most flattering silhouette you can put on your feet. They are slenderizing, lengthening, and sexy. And if you ask any man to make a call on which toe is better—regardless—he will say pointy. So go for it! This look will give you miles and miles of fabulousness.

In terms of leathers, for boots I recommend either pebbly leather (no smooth leather) or suede. The plain leather doesn’t hold up nearly as well and is not luxurious looking.

For your pumps you want patent leather or suede for all seasons. Again, this look is richer looking than leather.

As far as your sneakers go, look for leather in plain white and maybe some black.

If we’re talking Converse…naturally white and then you have fun and do whatever colors you like. Essentially speaking, I recommend neutrals so go for white, grey, tan, olive, black. All fun!

These shoes will all serve you for years, make getting dressed super easy and will help you continue to build your ultimate wardrobe.

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Happy shopping!