Today our Road Trip Adventure series takes a luxurious turn as we find ourselves relaxing in style at a luxe resort. Here we will want (and need) to be attired in head-to-toe fabulous chic.

Where the pool and/or beach is concerned, I’m talking simple, understated, and fabulous. This look does not involve platforms, transparent or tight-fitting cover-ups, or glitz of any variety. Channel your inner French woman, and you will have found the sweet spot to true, chic elegance for the resort or anywhere else for that matter.



Unlike “Beach Bum Chic” (which was addressed in yesterday’s blog post and Fashion Friday video), everything you put on your person at a resort will be rich-looking. It may not feature the expensive price tag but it will definitely possess the look. And if you’re looking for those designer treasures, well, they abound here as well.



As before, we’ll start with the obvious—swimwear. When it comes to the one-piece swimsuit category, I love black—although I have shopped a print and some color for you. Still, you cannot beat black for its chic factor.

A little drama can be good, so you’ll want to check out some of the very 40s era-style suits that just scream chic glam. I know you’re going to love what you see!




When it comes to bikini looks in a resort setting, I am a huge fan of the bandeau top. Bandeau tops are not only chic, but they flatter every bust line.

And unlike what I suggested for “Beach Bum Chic,” you’re not going to want to mix and match tops and bottoms here at the resort—everything should match. Your tops and bottoms don’t have to be by the same designer, but they do need to look like they belong together.

As far as color goes, I’ll reiterate the chic and elegant simplicity of the black bikini. (For those of you who are old enough, think back to the “Bain de Soleil for the St. Tropez tan” ads of the 80s!) This is French chic at perhaps its best! There are some other fabulous options but St. Tropez chic is my fav for the resort look!



Cover-ups are a huge part of pulling this look together, the simple cover-up dress being my number one pick. And as we’re talking French chic here, this look is quintessential French Riviera…think Grace Kelly.

I also love the idea of the sarong, so keep that in mind as well. Just remember your sarong needs to be cotton as opposed to something sheer, like viscose, which is a big no, no.  The shorter hoodie tunic is another chic option here; they are absolutely adorable. 



Shoes, bags, hats, and sunglasses pull your whole look together. In fact, the simple chic of each of these items creates a finished sheen that makes you look like you just stepped off the cover of a magazine.

And remember the pieces that you purchase don’t have to be expensive as long as they look expensive for your resort adventure. I’ve shopped items that are all over the board in terms of price, so you’ll definitely have your choice.


These treasures are so easy to put together for a stunning impact! Have fun in the sun on your luxe Road Trip Adventure! 

As always, we’ll be sharing even more ideas with you (as well as a little show and tell) on Fashion Friday. Check us out on Instagram, tomorrow, August 28, at 1 pm CDT.


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