In the last few weeks we have been focusing on the concept of stepping up our daily routine of getting ready for the day in a more proactive self-care kind of way.

Just for fun, let’s fast backward six months… Think what your life was like. Doesn’t matter whether you work in terms of a profession or to help with causes and sit on boards—or do both… you were busy! Every morning began with physically preparing yourself for the day—shower, hair, make-up and selecting something to wear that you felt good about—something that would make you look and feel your best as you started your campaign of whatever you set out to accomplish for that day.

Now, again, take stock of where you have been and are now almost five months later.

I have spoken with a number of you and your stories are very similar to my own. We’re loving the magnificently slower lifestyle…which includes changes we all want to keep as we move forward. And then there is the “who cares how I look? I’m not seeing anyone who cares…” And so the almost instant drop into attire you wouldn’t normally head to the grocery store in, never mind the no make-up to go with it. As I have mentioned over these previous weeks, this is unthinkable in terms of how we have ever operated in our previous lives.

And how many of you now are still thinking… “hmm—I have my mask on. No one can really see me, so, there’s no need for make-up. I will just be a minute.”

I know I have brought up the studies that show what a different turn your day takes when you take those few minutes to prepare, just as you have always done until about five months ago. So as we continue on this easy, comfortable and absolutely “upping-your-game” journey to looking and dressing as though you will see people, let’s venture into the world of comfy, cozy sweat and loungewear looks that are the perfect alternative to throwing on “any old thing.”

As we begin, my hope is that you will shower, groom, put a bit of make-up on and then don some version of these adorable pieces we have for you here and feel the confidence and energy that bring life and fun to however your day is spent!

Take a look at these yummy combinations that will shorten your selection time and have you feeling very put together. Note… these pieces are still cozy and comfy, and you’ll be looking a step up.

Now check out these easy mix and match. Love the cardigans, pullovers, and the light jacket with these various sweats. Put a white tee with the look and you are looking like a million!


Love these short and hoodie combos…again, it’s all about the soft and cozy!

As you are in and out you can pair these adorable shorts with a fun tank and the sweatshirt as the delicious third piece. Or grab a white tank or tee to pair with the shorts and you are cool, comfy, and looking fabulous!


I didn’t want to leave out those of you who loooove your flare-leg and look like workout but you can cruise in them peeps… That’s me too, btw…

Check out these fun combos! They are just the ticket to up your game—no pun intended—and look cute as a bug’s ear! Chic and sporty is how I describe this look.


Wondering what to put on your feet? Flip flops and sneakers of course. These sweet treasures fit the bill to a “T” and you will have them forever!


How much fun is this?! It’s just so much fun to mix match and pull it all together in chic comfy style!

Happiness is looking like a million and being cozy and comfy at the same time! Happy shopping!

Bobbi & the Be Iconic Team