It’s that time of year again—and the thought of being outside and enjoying the water, whether it be a lake, a beach or a pool—is joyous!

We always want to shine so finding that whole playing-by-the-water look is a big deal. With that in mind we have shopped some fabulous treasures in terms of swimwear, cover-ups, bags, and sandals. Everything we found is a candidate to make you feel your chicest and we think you will love what you see.

You’ll see everything from fun, French looking prints to simple, chic, timeless black. And here’s a helpful hint: as you progress along the age spectrum, I encourage you to gravitate to black for its timeless chic… It buys us all a lot of mileage!

In swim we have everything from the bikini to the Miracle Suit and everything in between. Keep in mind if you are thinking along the lines of a bikini, mixing and matching is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.  The only time I personally don’t mix and match for swim is when I am doing a black bikini top and bottom.  Wearing a solid top with a fun print bottom or the reverse is such a great look—so, give it a try.

Be sure to check out the cover-ups we have included, not to mention the fabulous bags. And the flip flops and slides are also endlessly useful for varying looks for summer. Flip flops go with everything and the slides are yummy with your shorts, be they cutoffs or a lighter fabric, and of course with your crop jeans.

Here’s a tip from my personal wardrobe building. When I buy something, be it expensive or not, I buy with the intent of using whatever it is until it “drops”, so to speak.  Fast forwarding to today’s topic—my swimwear follows this philosophy. I can go years before I buy a new suit, coverup, beach shoes and bag. When you create that perfect chic look, why reinvent the wheel? Use it year after year and feel the ease and confidence of not having to recreate it each summer. I grew up on the beach and have used that philosophy all of my life. I hope it is helpful for you.

These are looks that will serve you for years and years. So, happy shopping!