Fitness wear, sports wear—or whatever you want to call it—has become a staple of style for us all—especially now.

These days almost of us find ourselves weighing the question, “PJs or workout gear? Hmmm—what to do? Am I seeing anyone today?”

If the answer is “no,” then we may opt for a comfy, cozy (and, okay, a little unkempt) PJ and no makeup day. That’s fine every once in a while, but here is where I want to encourage all of us (including myself) to step our games and opt for (wait for it) a little makeup and (gasp) sweats.

We all know that when we put a little effort into how we look we feel a wonderful surge of energy as it has the ability to change our outlook, our happiness factor, and ultimately how we move through our days. That being said we have found some seriously adorable casual sport looks that we just had to share with you.

This season’s newest addition is the crop pant which is cut just below the knee. You will see them in many style categories this summer and they are just perfect  for our “lounge look.” They are a bit cooler than sweat pants and yoga pants since they are so much shorter, and they bring a level of fun chic to what we normally do. You can wear them with flip flops, slides, or sneakers—and for sure you will want to check them out!

Don’t forget that you always want to finish your look with a third piece, and you’re going to love all the third pieces we have included in the shopping below. From jackets to hoodies, they are all adorable!

Your sneaker is also important, so check out the very fun options we have for you here… From slip-on, lace-up sneakers to platform sneakers, and from black to white, you will be hard-pressed to decide which you love most!

It doesn’t take much to up your game and still feel relaxed but look fabulous—even in your workout wear!

Happy shopping!

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