Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Zoom “pro” or a virtual newbie to video conferencing, presenting yourself professionally online is a whole different ballgame!

While it’s unlikely you’ll be expected to dress as you would in the office, our very own Bobbi Schwartz and Be Iconic Style contributor, Kara Goodson, offer sound advice on how to maintain a level of professionalism while Zooming with your colleagues. Tips include what you should be wearing (from the waist up, of course!), lighting, camera angles, and makeup—all of which will help take your conference call look to the next level.

And as you’ve come to expect, we’ve shopped all the product you’ll need to design your very own Zoom Makeup Kit that you can bring with you to the office or have handy the next time you have to attend a video conference from home. The items we’ve chosen are all products that we’ve used and love at a variety of price points to suit all budgets. You’ll also find other helpful items including tripods for your smart phone and even a light ring to ensure that you are always well lit. How great is that?!

Are you ready?


Lights… Camera… Action!

P.S.—Click here to download our Zoom “Cheat Sheet” with highlights from the video that you’ll want to remember!

Be ready for your next Zoom call… Create your own Zoom Makeup Kit today!