A woman’s handbag is her connection to the world and a tool from which to operate all day long after leaving the house.

What we carry in our bag is critical to the ease with which we move through the day and the comfort with which we do that. We all find ourselves pulling things out of our bag numerous times throughout the day, so presenting a polished image of what we carry with us is part of a greater image. In other words, it projects a certain awareness of style and our ability to be “put together” head-to-toe. It also says something of your level of success in the world. So… what should you carry in your bag? Here is what we recommend:


Your Wallet

Naturally, you need a wallet of some sort to carry not only your driver’s license but also your credit cards and even cash. In terms of a wallet, you should have: A wallet • A coin purse


Not only do your eyes need UV protection, but no one wants “squinting wrinkles” and the glare just hurts. As always I suggest a pair of aviators or a nice pair of classic Chanel frames.

Business/Calling Card Case

If you don’t have a business card from work you still need a personal calling card. It costs next to nothing to have them printed, and most printers will create a simple layout for you if your workplace doesn’t offer one. Something lovely to carry those cards in is critical as well.

Makeup Bag

The makeup bag is critical! Ladies let’s get serious—do not leave home without your makeup! The bag you’re using is just as important as its contents; you’ll want to purchase a great bag and one that is going to work in your purse. It’s got to make an impact and need to hold up for a long time. Fendi, Prada, and Lanvin are great brands to look at.

Notebook & Pen

Naturally, outside of makeup, you’ll need a pen as well as a small notebook to take notes on when the occasion arises. For the pen, nothing can beat a Montblanc.


Louis Vuitton has a great keychain with a coin purse, as well as Gucci; these are great to keep coins or your driver’s license in as well as keeping your keys and essentials together in one easy spot.

Hand Sanitizer & Tissues

Hand sanitizer is a no brainer—let’s keep healthy and germ-free, (especially right now!) and a pack of tissues is always good to have on hand in case of emergencies.


Remember, keeping your handbag tidy and neat simplifies your life, so be sure to get rid of any junk that ends up in there. Also, in order to be the epitome of “chic,”  be sure to make the investment and buy well so that you’ll have your bags and accessories for years to come.

Have a good time collecting the delightful goodies that you’ll enjoy carrying in your everyday bag!