Style 101: The Art of Traveling in Comfort and Style

Essential Style Tips

There’s something to be said for looking chic and being comfortable when traveling.

Knowing how to accomplish both is an art form that can pay off in spades when you learn the formula. Not only will you achieve the obvious—comfort—but you will also look fabulous dressed in stunning simplicity.

If you’re traveling anytime soon, this article will be a game-changer. Be sure to implement the style tips that follow for stress-free travel dressing.



Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that I encourage an all-black color palette. From a practical standpoint, it is the best way to hide any spots you might incur in transit. And in terms of chic, I am pretty sure nothing more needs to be said. The visual impact of black is massive, and the ease with which you can pull your look together when wearing black is tremendous. Travel is stressful enough these days; simplifying what you wear means one less thing to worry about.



So, what is a winning travel look comprised of? It can go several ways, but let’s start with my favorite: leggings, yoga pants, wide-leg pants, and even lightweight joggers that are adorable and pack a huge style punch. One thing to note; always wear fresh-looking bottoms when traveling as opposed to the ones you have been living in at home. Remember, though the look you’re going for is casual, you want to appear pristine, polished, and pulled together.

If you prefer jeans, wear them, but remember that you want to be comfortable, and snug jeans are not always so when traveling. Also, you should know that when flying, doctors recommend clothing that “gives” to compensate for swelling that occurs with altitude. So that information is definitely something you’ll want to remember when choosing what to wear when flying. If you do go the jeans route, however, select bootcut or flare-leg jeans as they appear more put together.



I am a fan of longer fluted T-shirts for tops when it comes to travel. An A-line silhouette is flattering on every body shape, and you will want to go with black or white when choosing colors.

In addition to T-shirts, I am also partial to oversized white collared shirts. This look packs an incredible punch when worn with a blazer as your “third piece”—the finishing touch that pulls your look together. These timeless white cotton shirts also look wonderful worn out over cropped leggings.

Black tunic sweaters are another fabulous silhouette to add to your travel wardrobe. They are adorable over a white T-shirt and can work beautifully as your third piece, worn as a top, or tied around your waist or shoulders. They are easy, incredibly flattering, and perfect for layering to accommodate fluctuating in-flight temperatures.



I love cardigans as they pair easily with T-shirts and will keep you cozy in transit. This year’s double-breasted blazers are a big deal and a fabulous look as well! The double-breasted silhouette (versus the single-breasted version) packs a tremendous style “punch,” so that’s what I tend to lean toward when choosing a blazer as a third piece.


A denim jacket worn or tied at the waist is another way you can go in terms of your third piece. The contrast of the denim paired with an all-black color palette really pops your look. Having said that, I’m still a major fan of the blazer, which ups your chic exponentially, alongside the cozy cardigan.

Regardless of the style route you choose, your third piece, be it a cardigan, denim jacket, or blazer, is the “glue” that pulls your chic look together. Always keep that in mind when putting together your travel look.



If the third piece pulls your look together, a few fabulous accessories polish your look as you travel in chic comfort. These include sunglasses in classic silhouettes (you’ll look like a celebrity) and simple, stunning choices for jewelry like pearl or diamond studs or small gold or silver hoops. And you’ll absolutely want to purchase a cashmere wrap to travel with. I’ve always been partial to Loro Piana wraps. They are luxurious and oh-so-cozy! I never leave home without mine.



When it comes to shoes, comfort is essential. So, I primarily go with flats, although I do make exceptions for ankle boots. I find that even if they have a heel, if they are designer quality, they are usually super comfortable. However, as we are in the middle of summer, I recommend traveling in a fabulous pair of flat sandals this season.

Slides and mules are such a hot ticket right now that I don’t want to discount them as an option, as those styles are also both comfy and chic for travel. And depending on your destination, a pair of pointy-toe ankle booties could also work and look sensationally stylish. While we’re on the subject of booties, in this circumstance, they will work for you only when worn with a bootcut, flare-leg, or wide-leg bottom.



And I do hope you are, be sure to implement the style tips I’ve shared with you to create simple, stress-free, chic looks that are oh-so-comfortable.

Have fun as you gather the pieces that will serve you in your travels and beyond. Bon voyage!


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