The Bag You Carry Speaks Volumes of Your Success!

Inspire, Shoes and Bags

If shoes are your first “tell” of success, what is the second? Your handbag!

It’s true—what you carry with you is critical to your creating that powerful impression that can help propel you down a successful career path. The fabulous thing about handbags is that you only need one excellent bag, and with the proper care, you will have it for years.

This week I’d like to share another story with you that further proves my point about the necessity of an investment wardrobe. This one is about a highly successful CFO that I met at a networking event years ago, and the tremendous impression she made on me. Mindy has worked for a number of high-profile (Fortune 500) companies and is now sharing the wealth of her experience by helping to support and educate small business owners in need of a CFO. She was kind enough to share with me how she came to realize the critical need for a success wardrobe, and I would love to share that knowledge with you.

Click below to enjoy Mindy’s story, and I hope it hits home with you regarding your own handbag and acquiring that powerful success essential.


Mindy's Investment Wardrobe Story

by Bobbi Schwartz

Shopping for Investment Bags

Wondering why all the bags shown below are all black? Well, black is the number one power color for women. We’ll have more about that for you at a later date but in the meantime, I’ve shopped some stellar examples of shoes that you’ll want to consider for your own power wardrobe!

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