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The glorious concept of glowing skin inspired me when I recently read an article about it in one of my fashion magazines. 

The focus was geared toward getting us “beach ready”—one can only hope and wish. So, with or without the opportunity for a beach or pool this summer, who of us doesn’t want beautiful soft skin that truly does glow?

Part of my motivation to share this with you comes from my own non-glowing skin and my journey to change that.  So, if I may share my story with you, I think it will be helpful to women of all ages and maybe provide a bit of humor along the way.

As many of you know I grew up on the beach in southern California. The temperature is temperate and the air is slightly moist—though not humid like it is in Florida. In my youth there was absolutely no maintenance going on in terms of lotions, exfoliating or self-care in general. It was a “shower-and-go” situation… quick, easy and free. In truth, along with the “no skin care routine” thing, we also spent days in the sun with no thought of sunscreen either. My parents would harp on about it and I would resist, so much of what I live with today I brought on myself. 

Ah, the anticipated invincibility of youth! 


The reality of where I am today…

Let’s fast forward to today and here I am with less-than-glowing skin (to put it mildly). I know I am not alone in this and I want to share with you that I hear from a number of my clients about their evolving experience with what they term “alligator skin.” It tends to happen as we move along the age spectrum and many of these complaints come from women who do care for their skin, so part of my own tale of woe is simply moving along in age, perhaps exacerbated by my youthful neglect. To refer to my own skin as “alligator skin” would be a massive understatement…I just want you to be clear on how bad it was.

Now, let’s get to the miracle part of my tale. I read the aforementioned article and thought, “hmmm, self… could this work on me? Am I past saving?” 

Always the optimist I decided to give the process a try in the hopes that maybe if my skin wouldn’t glow, it would at least look better.

The article says to exfoliate every day for 30 days, so I began my 30-day experiment to see what would happen. A quick tip to share with you that I learned ages ago regarding body exfoliating is to do it with dry skin. Apparently, applying exfoliant to damp or wet skin waters down the process (no pun intended) so that you’re wasting good product and not truly benefitting fully from the process.

If you remember back to those long-ago days of spas, (LOL!) you will recollect that when you have an exfoliating process done—whether it is a salt scrub or something else—they apply it to your dry skin. At some point I had heard about the dry skin application of exfoliants and later connected the dots with my spa experiences. Just to be clear, bless my heart, I would go for a spa exfoliating treatment every few years… I just never made it a priority. I would think, “I need to do this,” and then just not follow through.


My 30-day Journey…

As I worked my way through the 30-day regimen, I watched my skin get softer each day, wrinkles disappearing, and yes, the glow of beautiful, firmer skin making an appearance!

I have since completed my 30 days and I am here to tell you I cannot even believe this skin is mine. I can honestly tell you this process has taken 20 years or more off my skin in both texture and firmness!

You may be wondering what miracle products I used and the answer to that would be absolutely nothing major. Until I ran out of them I was using whatever exfoliants I have had around for years… that in the odd moment I would use one time and then  months later try one more time etc. 

A little humor; those of you who know me in terms of my philosophy in wardrobe-building, which is buy well, buy timeless understated and you’ll have it for years… well, apparently  I stick to that same philosophy when it comes to my exfoliants because they were all years old! I used up my Revive, my Kiehl’s, and my Fresh Brown Sugar. Once they disappeared I used Tree Hut which I had left over (and retails for $8.99—so you understand paying a high price isn’t a requirement). 


So, what would I recommend? Whatever speaks to you! 

We shopped some exfoliants that I have used in the past and some that were rated very highly on the sites we shopped. 

And then there’s lotion…

In terms of lotion, I apply it on most of my body, once a day, immediately after the scrub. I haven’t used anything expensive or special, but I had Eucerin Advanced Repair for very dry skin on hand so that’s what I’ve been using.

What about firmer skin?

So now that we’ve covered the exfoliation of your entire person (arms, legs, etc.) I’d like to talk about a product that I’ve recommended highly for years that will help with firming you up.

Prtty Peaushun is a product that was created by an A-List celebrity make-up artist to help reduce the appearance of crepiness and cellulite in stars having to show a lot of skin during filming. The result is smoother, firmer skin.

I have used this product  over the years, mostly when headed to the pool or beach, on those areas of my person that need a little help, and this product works miracles!  I recommend Prtty Peaushun for those areas on your body that you would like to see firmer. Keep in mind that it builds on itself, so I recommend daily use after your shower.

This product is approved by PETA and is certified by Green America. It is all natural, gluten-free and vegan, and it features sustainable packaging.

And, btw, if you’re curious to know which A-List celebrities swear by Prtty Peaushun, click here.


But wait, there’s more!

Another product that I really like is Clarins Body Firming Cream. It, too, works wonders! 

The moral of the story…

The article I read was not written with any particular age in mind. Regardless of age, I get the sense that anyone who followed this routine would experience mind-blowing results.

As for me, after 30 consecutive days, I have ended up with skin that  I never dreamed was possible! I would encourage everyone, even those of you who are young and carefree, to step up and nurture your skin, showing it some love, even now.

You are now armed and dangerous, so to speak, with a clear pathway to glowing skin. I know you will be possessed by the results you will see. How truly glorious is that?!


Bobbi & the Be Iconic Team

P.S.—Be sure to check out this week’s Fashion Friday on “Glowing Skin” as we will continue to expand on this topic!

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