Transform Your Life through Style

A digital styling course that changes lives.

If you knew you could change your life as easily as changing your wardrobe, would you do it?

This life-changing course is the ticket to your next promotion. Each expertly curated style session teaches you about the specific pieces you need to own and the details that are critical to helping you build the power wardrobe of your dreams.

Hi, I’m Bobbi Schwartz and I have had a highly successful personal styling company for over two decades. I’ve watched women change their lives and careers by simply changing their attire and, have seen firsthand what a power wardrobe can do.  It builds confidence and creates a power-shield that takes you where you want to go and beyond.

Now you may be thinking “times are changing—I work from home. What do I need with a business wardrobe or a course to teach me how to dress? My meetings are all via video conferencing and it won’t make a difference what I wear!” If we read your mind, you’re sorely mistaken!

Think about it this way—in a video situation your sphere of influence is now narrowed down to a camera, and how you “present” is absolutely critical to your career growth, now more than ever. Why? Well, for one thing, you have fewer opportunities to connect face-to-face with clients, bosses, peers—all the people you want to impact—so every opportunity you have to do so is multiplied in terms of value.

So, if you think how you look during a video conference doesn’t make a difference, it does—in spades—and the better prepared you are for your meeting in terms of knowing what to wear, the better prepared you are to “wow” your colleagues and change the trajectory of your career.

This is your opportunity to shine! Grab it and go for the life you’ve always wanted!

Bobbi styling a model for a photo shoot.