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How to Stop Self Criticism Once and for All

Living in the era that we do, it’s nearly impossible not to judge ourselves against the unrealistic expectations we see before us in the media and in social media, every single day, and that can quickly become a slippery slope. While most of us are affected by self-criticism at some point or another, we can do better about protecting ourselves from it. The following article from can help.

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Healthy Skin and Connective Tissue

Of course, you want healthy skin. Don’t all women want great looking skin? We are bombarded with all kinds of external products and methods to improve the appearance of our skin, but most women don’t really know what’s underneath our skin is driving how good it looks. You’re definitely going to want to read this illuminating article by BIS Contributor Dr. Mary Warren as she shares how critical self-care is to having healthy skin.

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The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds

There’s an old saying, you don’t get second chances on changing a first impression…And one of the most important first impressions you will ever make is meeting a potential employer. The first milliseconds are crucial and this article written for The Wall Street Journal will teach you everything you need to know on how to perfect the first impression.

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The Abundance Factor

I was introduced to The Abundant Factor movie by my business coach for whom I have learned to have massive trust and respect. The movie is incredible and is guaranteed to change you in so many ways. It expands your view of abundance and you get to learn from most of the world’s foremost teachers on success. This movie will blow your mind…it did mine. Be sure to check this out!

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Multifunctional Makeup for Resort Travel

For so many of us, it’s time for Spring Break! And while we love to take off for some time in the sun, packing can be a real drag—especially when it comes to having to pack our toiletries and makeup. This month BIS Contributor Nathalie Gil shares her favorite makeup products that serve multiple purposes making packing for vacation that much easier!

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How to Fix Broken Makeup

We’ve all done it at one time or another…we’ve dropped our favorite blush and watch it shatter into a million pieces. Now what? Find out how you can repair your broken makeup. You’ll be amazed at how easily it can be fixed!

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What to Add to Your Water for Flawless Skin

We love our beauty products, but we’ve also found that sometimes simpler is better…especially when it comes to our skin! Find out how adding a few simple ingredients to your water will not only leave you refreshed and hydrated, but will also leave you with flawless skin to boot!

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Life as a Journey–with Bethany Williams

If life is a journey and yours is boring and mundane, why not change it? The simple strategies Bethany Williams shares for creating an exciting and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally, will blow your mind. So listen up and get ready for change!

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Quote for Inspiration – Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou has gifted us with many life lessons in her 86 years on this earth… and this one in particular is one that we should all pay close attention to. Read it, ponder it, and then watch a short video in which she explains its importance to Oprah.

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Lifestyle Design from the Himalayas with Bethany Williams

Lifestyle design…It’s not something we learn in school, we don’t teach it to our children, and we don’t understand that we can design the lifestyle and the lives that we want to live. This month Bethany challenges you to go out and live the adventure of a lifetime and create the life and lifestyles you truly want to live. It’s about creating “happy” for you… whatever that looks like. Follow Bethany as she treks through Nepal and shares with you how rid yourself of the anchors that are keeping you back and from living the life you truly want to live.

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Dress for Success Tailored to Fit Your Budget – Final Sale

When it comes to gauging one’s success, the handbag that you carry is second only to the shoes that you wear in terms of letting others know where you fall in the spectrum. That being said, I will always urge you to invest in your bags. You will love shopping for the investment bags that you covet at a fraction of the price you would pay if you walked into any of the retailers who carry them… See what we’ve found at The RealReal that you’re going to love!

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Spring Accessories

This spring fashion season is just lots of fun in every direction and that includes accessories. The round shape of the aviator, stripes in all kinds of looks and some very fun hats all add to the adventure of this season. Take a look at what we have found here that will give you finish to your look!

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Celebrity Street Style–Sport Edition

Sport style chic is the new everyday and so we captured images of some of our favorite celebrities in their work out, hang out wear. We love to take inspiration from our favorite celebs. How will you up your game where sport chic is concerned?

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Cutting Sugar from Kids’ Diet

We all want healthy kids, but let’s face it, cutting sugar from their diet can be tricky, especially if they are beyond the 7 year-old threshold. Most experts agree that behavioral eating patterns are established in children by the age of 7, although that is not to say these patterns can’t be changed! BIS Contributor Danielle Girdano shares how we can introduce change into our kids’ diets for the better. Read on!

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Dressing with Ease – Sportwear

Bless us Americans and our endless need to be dressed casually. As so much about our world slides south our casual dressing has gone with it and we are now living in our workout clothes 24/7. Several years ago when this Sport Trend arrived it was met with such enthusiasm that it has moved from trend to staple. Take a look at some of what we’ve found that can take you to the gym and serve as the look you live in all day long.

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The Essential Third Piece

A very important finishing touch to every look you wear is the “third piece.” Therefore, it stands to reason, that this component is an essential part of your ultimate wardrobe. In any creative measure, things are always done in odd numbers. So, when you dress you have your top, your bottom and your third piece—which can be a cardigan, a sweater or a jacket. Simple and easy. See what fabulous third pieces we’ve found for your ultimate, essential wardrobe!

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Fitness Wear for Spring – March

It’s here… Spring is in the air! Are you ready to move your workout outside? Time to up your game and refresh your workout wardrobe! Take a look at what we’ve found this month.

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The Look – March

This month we shot The Look at one of my all time favorite places…. Free People! We had so much fun and the finds we made were beyond adorable not to mention useable, wearable, and easy. There were lots of neutrals, some sport and my favorite flare legs… And oh! Did we love the utility pants!

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The Dollar Well Spent – March

One segment of Harper’s Bazaar that we love is “the well spent dollar.” We love it so much, in fact, that we have taken the concept and selected amazingly priced play items that Bobbi just loves!Here are our picks for March! Click. Shop. Enjoy!

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