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Turn Your Weekends Into Mini-Vacations

Have you ever returned to the office Monday morning feeling just as exhausted as you were on Friday afternoon? You are not alone—new research shows that without practicing mindfulness on the weekends, most people fall into this trap. The good news? Research also shows that simply shifting your mindset can have transformative effects on your emotional experience.

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A Guide to Ageless Makeup for Women Over 50, According to an Industry Veteran

“Wear the makeup; don’t let it wear you.” This is the golden rule of one makeup artist who has been painting the faces of supermodels—Iman, Cindy Crawford and Pati Hanson, to name a few—and other stars for decades. Read on to learn how Artist Sandy Linter works her magic on more mature faces, making her clients’ complexions glow and prominent features pop.

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20 Gorgeous Spring Salads You Can Meal Prep

If we’re being honest, sometimes salads can feel redundant in the daily work-lunch grind…But that’s where the lovely season of Spring with its abundance of fresh flavors come in to help us get out of our salad-ruts. So go ahead. Give this article a read and take step number one toward a more adventurous lunch break.

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Style Secrets: Swimwear

We can’t avoid it any longer ladies; we’re coming into swimsuit season! Rather than run and hide, why not watch the following video for tips on making this swimsuit season your best ever!

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6 Tips to Help You Wind Down at the End of the Day

Our mothers may have told us that counting sheep would do the trick of lulling us to sleep, but in a day and age when we are constantly connected to our emails, on-going to-do lists and a million other details wound up in a full day of work, it doesn’t seem quite as simple, and it isn’t. This article from GOOP shares a few seriously helpful tips and tricks, from physical practices to little purchases, that will lead you into a more peaceful sleep tonight.

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Watch Cindy Crawford’s Getting-Out-the-Door Morning Beauty Routine

When it comes to getting out the door in the morning, it can be tempting to totally disregard any kind of beauty routine for the sake of saving time. But Cindy Crawford is here to tell us that if she can do it with all she has going on (entrepreneur, mom to a rising supermodel, wife, fabulous human being), then you can too. Watch this video by VOGUE to see how she does it and which products she swears by…and if you like what you see, we’ve even shopped the product for you!

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Celebrity Street Style – May

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the season’s hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

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15 Morning Hair Hacks

As women, we all have the burden of putting our “faces” on and styling our hair. Our finished look is often dictated by how much time we may or may not have… so why not try one of these hair hacks and see how easy it is to look polished without the hassle of a full salon visit?!

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Style Secrets – No Stress Express Casual Dressing

This month’s Style Secrets video is all about casual dressing or as Bobbi likes to call it “no stress express.” This means having a system for getting dressed each day that allows you to do so quickly, easily and without much thought… The twist? With this system in place, you’ll always look like a million! Curiosity piqued? Be sure to watch this video!

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How Much Vitamin D Do You Really Need?

Vitamin D supplements have long been hailed as drops of sunshine in our daily diet. They have even been claimed to reduce risk of heart attack, stroke and developing cancer. But a new study suggests it may not be as big of a game-changer as we thought. Follow along with Oprah as this article dives into the details of the vitamin D debate.

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How to Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Long gone are the days of thin eyebrows being in fashion, and we couldn’t be happier. Not only  do eyebrows accentuate your eyes and lashes, but they actually help shape your face as a whole! Here are five simple steps to growing your brows out and living your Cara Delevingne dreams.

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The Beauty Products That Will Help You Sleep

Sleep is essential for so many countless reasons…Our health, both mentally and physically, our mood, weight management, and our energy levels are just to name a few. We know that it’s good for us but it doesn’t always come easily to all of us. If you have ever had trouble falling asleep at night, or simply want an overall better night’s rest, you’re going to want to keep reading this article from on the best products for a good night’s sleep.

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Lasting Makeup for Younger Skin

How our makeup wears throughout the day can be a challenge—even when we’re young! So how can we use some of the fabulous product out there to ensure that the time we’ve spent applying our makeup in the morning isn’t all for naught? BIS’ makeup guru, Kathryn Campbell, shares with us all we need to know. And, of course, we’ve done some shopping for you so that you can quickly and easily add the products your makeup bag is missing! 

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What’s the Rush? The Power of a Slow Morning

For many of us, the weekends feel like the only time we have for drawn out mornings over coffee and a good book, especially in today’s tech-driven, work-around-the-clock mentality. But there’s a new movement emerging, and it’s all about having slow-mornings, every morning. Whether it’s an hour of mediation or stretching and reading emails before the day begins, slow-morning practitioners will tell you that starting this small habit can make big changes in your daily life.

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Skincare with Nathalie

This month BIS Contributor Nathalie Gil discusses the important of having a “clean canvas” on which to work. That means skin that has been properly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. You’ll love this month’s informative video!

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Chicken Soup: 4 Comfort-Food Versions from Around the World

Chicken soup is one of those foods that really feeds the soul.It reminds many of us of childhood and the nostalgia of being nurtured by a parent. Now that we’re grown ups, not much has changed about the timeless staple, and GOOP is here to share different interpretations of the recipe from around the world.

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Crank Up the Flavor: Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

How do we love rotisserie chicken leftovers? Let us count the ways. Buying a whole pre-cooked chicken from the store easily saves your dinner plans in a pinch. If you’re looking to go outside the box (uh-hmm, henhouse that is) then checkout these flavorful dishes from the recipe book of a Vietnamese native.

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Five Tips on Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney can be a daunting task when you’re not sure what you should be looking for. BIS Contributor Kelly Kunst helps ease your mind with five easy tips to take into consideration when tackling the task at hand.

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6 Blush Tips You Need to Know

Have you ditched the “smile-as-you-apply” technique to your blush application yet? If not, please do! Blush can do wonders for your look… But how you apply it can either make or break it! The following article by will teach you all you need to know to achieve that perfect glow!

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Skin-Care Savant Caroline Hirons Says We’re Throwing Money Away If We Don’t Do This

If you haven’t jumped on the double-cleansing train yet, skin care expert Caroline Hirons is here to convince you why you should.In her interview with NEWBEAUTY, she shares her top picks for both parts of the process as well as some easy (and we mean easy – a slight turn of the temperature knob in your shower) changes you can make to your routine for maximum positive impact on the health of your skin.

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Deals & Steals – April

Oh how we love our deals & steals!!And why wouldn’t we? It is all about the discount and scrumptiously delicious finds that are a bargain! We shop our favorite discounters to find those yummy pieces at a steal…just for you! How much fun is that? See what we’ve found for April!

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