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Dermatologist Tools of the Trade

When it comes to the skincare industry, dermatologists are tapped into the mainframe. With connections like that, derms are sure to have discovered the best of the best skincare products—along with a few personal favorites. Finally, Elle offers a glimpse into the medicine cabinets of the experts, and their go-to products.

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Meatloaf Transcendent

Still traumatized by the meatloaf of your youth? So often absurdly dry and dense, it’s one of those comfort-type dishes that we want to like and yet… With the help of the Wall Street Journal and MeMe’s Diner in Brooklyn, we’re going to change all of that however. Read on for a meatloaf recipe that is absolutely transcendent!

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50 Beauty Products to Buy Before You Die

Choosing the right products for your personal beauty regimen can take a lot out of a woman! It can be a stressful, time consuming, and expensive process! Thank goodness for Allure because they have taken the work out it for us. From your nails to your hair, skin, and teeth, this article has you covered from head to toe. Literally!

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Live Less Stressed: Manage Your Time With These Easy Tips

How is it that in 24 hours, we’re hardly ever able to achieve everything we need to get done? For most of us, our reality has become one of trying to get everything through multi-tasking but that doesn’t always do the trick. Be sure to read this article from as it features some amazing tips on how to allocate your time to avoid the inevitable stress that goes along with life in this day and age. 

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The 46 Best New Beauty Products of the Year, As Voted on By You

Getting tired of testing new beauty products hoping that one day you’ll find the perfect one to fulfill your needs? Skip the hassle of trial and error and give this InStyle article a read! This article features 46 of the best new beauty products this year and they’ve been voted on by the readers of InStyle—women like you—so you don’t have to worry about aimlessly meandering down the shampoo aisle or endlessly testing foundations on your cheek ever again!

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The Look – November

Each month we focus on budget friendly chic style looks that we put together so you can have access to some fab ideas for casual dressing… and find pieces you absolutely are wanting for your own. This month we visited Anthropologie and it was it was a glorious gold mine of finds. Check out these looks. They will help you create your own fall style to look and feel like a million.

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Meghan Markle Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets with Birchbox

Meghan Markle, 36-year-old actress, model, and now Duchess of Sussex is one of the most iconic people of our time. Her style, beauty and values inspire millions and she never fails to look fabulous. If you ever wondered how this beauty creates her signature look, today’s your day! This Allure article holds all of Markle’s best beauty secrets that she’s shared with Birchbox. Don’t mind that this came out days before her wedding because the beauty secrets are still just as valuable! 

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This $48 Skin Mist is the Secret to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Signature Glow

For over a decade the beautiful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has worked with the biggest names in hair and makeup. She is a fashion and beauty icon and finally we can get a glimpse into the fabulous world the supermodel lives in, in this InStyle article. Here you’ll get the inside scoop on just about everything from airport styles, her love for avocado toast, her favorite staple pieces, the secret to her skin’s signature glow (that only costs $48!) and more! She even spills tips when it comes to working for a business.

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15 Smoothies We Love from Lauren Conrad’s Nutritionist

Smoothies are a staple in our diet and if it’s not already in yours, you have got to give them a try. The 15 options in this article from are a great way to start as they feature recipes from Lauren Conrad’s nutritionist. These recipes healthy, low in sugar, and feature amazing flavor profiles. Read on and you’ll never look back!

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10 of the Our Healthiest Slow-Cooker Recipes

It’s getting to be that time of the year…And who doesn’t love this season’s warm and cozy comfort food? Don’t let your summer health kick get derailed however… Keep reading for some fabulous (and super healthy) slow-cooker recipes for us that we guarantee will replace your old “go to” comfort foods.

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When Should You Take a Mental Health Day?

Self-care is just as important, if not MORE so, than taking care of those around you. Ignore the stigma of selfishness or laziness that seems to go hand-in-hand with taking care of one’s self, and be sure to take the downtime that you need for your mental (and physical) health. Find out the hows and whys in this informative article from Fast Company.

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The Abundance Factor

I was introduced to The Abundant Factor movie by my business coach for whom I have learned to have massive trust and respect. The movie is incredible and is guaranteed to change you in so many ways. It expands your view of abundance and you get to learn from most of the world’s foremost teachers on success. This movie will blow your mind…it did mine. Be sure to check this out!

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Stop Overthinking: 7 Easy Ways to Kick this Bad Habit

Overthinking—it happens to the best of us. The fact that it is so easy to do means that we tend to do it more often. Ironically, we even overthink without thinking about it. Thankfully has shared 7 easy and effective ways to kick this bad habit—and we all know that a clear mind is an amazing feeling!

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The 9 Best Natural Face Moisturizers for Skin that Glows

We all know that “natural” ingredients are better than the unrecognizable ingredients we see labeled on the back of most beauty products…but what does “natural” really even mean these days and why do we pay as much as we do for them? Find out what dermatologists have to say about the natural product phenomenon and what their 9 favorite game-changing face moisturizers are!

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The Look – October – Free People

This month we’ve shopped one of our favorite retailers, Free People, for The Look. As always we know you’ll find inspiration in the looks we’ve put together for you, and you can shop all of the chic treasures we’ve found right here! Click. Shop. Enjoy!

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Celebrity Street Style — October

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t live the Hollywood life, we do take inspiration from our favorite celebs. Hollywood style is yours.

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8 Quick Weekday Meals from 1 Big Batch of Quinoa

Meal preparation can be a tedious and time-consuming process—and let’s face it, who wants to spend all day Sunday cooking? If you love the convenience of easily prepared meals during the week but can’t spare a lot of time on the initial preparation, you’re going to want to read article from Self and acquaint yourself with some of the many different types of meals that can be made from one giant batch of quinoa! 

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How 10 Powerful Women Practice ‘Self-Care Sunday’

We women often neglect taking care of ourselves for a multitude of reasons but what we all need to understand is that self-care is essential to taking care of ourselves, and in order to help others we have to start with ourselves. Treating yourself well is the best thing you can do for you and this SELF article reveals how 10 powerful women practice their “self-care Sunday.”

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4 Makeup Tricks for When You Literally Have No Time

In a perfect world, you wake up before your alarm clock goes off, sip a just-brewed cup of coffee, and have a carefree 30 minutes to calmly, expertly apply your makeup while thinking about the day ahead and plotting out world domination. But we live in the real world and rarely have the luxury of time… So what is the key to getting flawless skin on the go? One hero multi-purpose product, plus a few other items worth a spot in your makeup bag!

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Skincare with Nathalie

This month BIS Contributor Nathalie Gil discusses the important of having a “clean canvas” on which to work. That means skin that has been properly cleansed, exfoliated, and moisturized. You’ll love this month’s informative video!

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The Look – September – Planet Blue

This month we shot “The Look” at Planet Blue and love the casual boho chic treasures we found. Take inspiration from the looks Bobbi put together for you, then click, shop, and enjoy! We know you’re going to love what you see!

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