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Well hello Europe! We’re so glad you’re here!

The shopping for this part of the site has been carefully curated by a world-class personal styling team, led by Be Iconic Style founder, Bobbi Schwartz. Here you will be able to shop retailers near you, in addition to having access to fab finds that we are possessed by and know you will love!

This is truly timeless style—with a twist!

Happy shopping!

European Deals & Steals

Who doesn’t love finding chic treasures and perfect pieces at the perfect price? This month I want to re-introduce you to a section of Be Iconic Style that we have always loved—Deals & Steals! And now we’re not only including the discounters but also the yummy retailers who have adorable things at fabulously low prices! See what we have found here at some of our favorite discounters, price-conscious retailers, and brands! What you see will provide fabulous finds that, regardless of brand and price, are timeless keepers for sure.

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Fab Finds — European Edition

Every season, Bobbi seeks out the most fabulous pieces that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe, and this Spring is no exception! Be on the lookout for all things timeless with a twist! There will be lots of fun playing with incredible looks that will ensure that you are always your most gorgeous self!

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The Art of Stylish, Comfy Travel—European Edition

This article, though brief, can be a life changer for you. It will give you the pointers on looking like a million, being super comfortable and deals with both personal and business travel. As always we want to simplify the process for you with maximum fabulous…and as always, we’ve done the shopping for you!

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Pre-owned — European Edition

As a concept, the idea of pre-owned is genius! If you are like me, you love luxury… and yet sometimes it isn’t in the budget. As a stylist I often work with the resellers to pass on my client’s fabulous goodies that they are letting go of, so I know how carefully items are checked over before they accept or reject a piece. This makes for a delicious possibility in terms of your acquiring something you desire for a much more palatable price. Check out what we’ve found and love… and happy shopping!

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