Bobbi_DFSThose of you who know me well, know I have had a long and illustrious career in the fashion industry. 


In one of those incarnations I was a regional manager for a sporting goods company who had stores in 5 states and was the largest purchaser of Rossignal skis in the US.  They were a force to be reckoned with.

I was transferred from the corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah to Arizona where my territory included both Tucson and Phoenix.  I was the only female in management in the region and believe me the store managers were the “good ole boys.” Delightful, but good ole boys to be sure.  The uniform for all management in the company was composed of khakis and a white polo shirt. I, however, showed up to work every day in a suit.

This, by the way, was my favorite job of all time… I loved it. I ended up increasing profits over 55% in less than six months and received more raises more frequently than any other individual in the company.

In a regional meeting several years into my tenure there I was being recognized for my contributions. One of my store managers got up and said, “I knew the day she walked into my store…get out of her way and let her do her thing.”

They were in Khakis. I was in a suit. I know, and even then understood, how those gentleman worked and believe me if I had shown up in the same look they were sporting (no pun intended) they would have bucked me on every single issue.

How I was dressed paved the way making it easier for me to get my job done and work well with them.

Keep in mind, you always want to dress up and beyond so that you easily garner the respect you deserve instead of having to fight tooth and nail for everything; so that you are accomplishing all your goals with a straight shot and no or less interference. And keeping good relationships while you are doing it.

I promise you dressing for the roll you play and want to play will catapult your opportunities. In a way, think of it as dressing to intimidate.

I don’t say this to encourage one ups-man-ship but rather to lay the path of success you want, be in control of that path, and present yourself so that others perceive you as worthy of respect.

Once you have your success wardrobe you won’t give it a second thought. You will simply get quickly dressed looking like a million dollars and progress with confidence and power through your day.

You invested in your education and you need to continue to invest in yourself for your ultimate success.

The beauty of all this is that once that wardrobe is acquired you will use it endlessly for years and not be replacing things constantly. Put this together with what we are teaching you in terms of discount shopping and your basic success essentials, and you have yourself a winner. As a refresher on the essentials you need for your dress for success wardrobe review the article “Dress for Success Part ll”.

In closing please take my experience with dressing well in my suit everyday as gospel…it will change your life.

Go forth and prosper my friend.


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