A number of years ago I heard a business speaker impart some seriously great counsel… He said that if he and his wife were making a decision, individually and together, that they would run the following test before committing to anything…

First, they would ask themselves, “how do I feel about doing this particular thing?” be it going to dinner with someone, taking a trip, a business venture, or any activity to which they needed to commit.

Second, they would ask the question, “do I want to do this so badly? Is it a hell yes?” Does it sound like so much fun I am going to light up? Am I just soooooo excited to do this? If the answer is yes it becomes a whooping “hell yes!” And if the answer is something like “well…. it could be fun, it’s ok, kind of…” then it is then a resounding “hell no!”

Life is so precious and so is our time. If 9-11 didn’t teach us another thing, let us remember this—all those people were just going to work for another day… never expecting it to end. Had they known what the timeline on this earth was for them (and this applies to all of us as we never know when our time here will end), they would have made some different decisions on how they spent their time; I guarantee it.

I implore you to put incredible value on your time and make those decisions based on whether you want today to be a hell yes or a hell no!

When I heard this, it rang true through my soul and ended up changing the quality of my time, friendships and direction in life. May it do the same for you.

Make today a Hell Yes or Hell No day and smile!