Zoom 101

Business Cam Glam

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Lights! Camera! Action! Zoom 101

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Zoom “pro” or a virtual newbie to video conferencing, presenting yourself professionally online is a whole different ballgame!


“Zoom Cam Business Glam” is a real deal in this new time we’re living in. According to the business journals I read, it looks like the current trend of companies communicating digitally rather than in person (we’re talking both in-office meetings and traveling to see clients) has changed things, potentially, forever. That being said, using Zoom or other forms of video conferencing is a reality to be dealt with if you are working to grow your career.

The fact of the matter is this; when conducting business online, you have fewer opportunities to impact your clients, potential clients, peers, colleagues, and bosses—and you have a very narrow medium in which to do it. With that in mind, the power statement you make with your dressing and overall presentation, is now more critical than it ever has been.

That said, you will absolutely want to check out our video, “Zoom 101: Business Cam Glam.” You will learn the power behind your power attire as there’s an opportunity to easily up your impact. You will also learn about what make-up works best for video and the impact that the environment you’re in while conferencing has on how others perceive you. See how easy it is to change your lighting, and when you see yourself with the correct lighting, you will understand the power of glam!

This is not frivolous! This is investing in an opportunity to pull everything together to maximize your confidence and, as a result, make an impact on the people you’re meeting with.

You will love and use this simple information endlessly, and you will also be amazed at what this knowledge will add to your game!

P.S.—Click here to download our Zoom “Cheat Sheet” with highlights from the video that you’ll want to remember!

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