Achieving a Bronzed Look

This month Nathalie shares with us how to achieve that beautiful, glowing, sun-kissed look through the proper application of bronzer and blush. You’re definitely going to want to watch this informative video!

How to Look Fresh & Alert Using Concealer

Let’s face it—life today can be more than a little hectic. It’s no wonder we all look exhausted all the time! We don’t have to however, and this month BIS Beauty contributor Nathalie Gil shares with us tips on how to properly use concealer to achieve a look that is both fresh and alert. These tips will have you looking awake (even if you haven’t had your coffee yet) in no time! Be sure to watch the video to learn these simple and illuminating (pun intended) techniques!

The 25 Best Lipstick Tips and Tricks We’ve Ever Heard from Professional Makeup Artists

As simple as it may appear, a lot of work goes into a good looking lip! For those of us who cannot count ourselves among the experts in this regard, we’re in for a treat! Our friends at Allure have already done all the heavy lifting for us and have devoted a good deal of time and energy answering the question—”how do you achieve a great lip?” To that end they have put together 25 of the best tips and tricks from the experts themselves, professional makeup artists, and they’ve got us all covered!

Beauty Brands Focus on Women of Color

Ten years ago, it would not be uncommon to walk the beauty aisle in a pharmacy and find 15 or fewer shades of foundation in any given brand’s selection—most of those shades catering to lighter complexions…But those monochromatic days are fading into the past. With the rise of new generation labels like Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line, which offers foundation in 40 shades, mainstream competitors are beginning to adhere to the new norm.

4 Makeup Tricks for When You Literally Have No Time

In a perfect world, you wake up before your alarm clock goes off, sip a just-brewed cup of coffee, and have a carefree 30 minutes to calmly, expertly apply your makeup while thinking about the day ahead and plotting out world domination. But we live in the real world and rarely have the luxury of time… So what is the key to getting flawless skin on the go? One hero multi-purpose product, plus a few other items worth a spot in your makeup bag!

Brightening Up Your Eyes & Skin with Concealer

Let’s face it ladies—we all have hectic lives and as a result, we often tend to look a bit tired…but we don’t have to! As always, BIS Beauty contributor Nathalie Gil shares with us a quick tip about how using concealer can not only brighten the area around your eyes, but also brighten your skin. Employ this little trick and you’ll use less foundation and it will apply more smoothly. This is a definite must-see for all! And, of course, we’ve shopped the product to make it that much easier for you to add to your beauty kit!

Thanks to Microblading, I Finally Have My Pre-Tweezer Eyebrows Back

The process of deciding to get a tattoo is a drawn-out one for most, so it’s no shock that when the placement is on your face, people tend to take even longer to decide. But however daunting the thought is, in recent years the microblading trend (creating small incisions on your brows and filling them in with pigment) has grown wildly popular. Allure Editor in Chief Michelle Lee used to be a skeptic, until this summer when she finally went for it, and she couldn’t be more pleased with her choice.

Allure Readers’ Choice Awards for 2019

The most democratic annual list of the best-of-the-best has hit our doorsteps once again: The Allure Reader’s Choice Awards! Voted on by the magazine’s fans and probably containing more than a few staples you already own and love for hair, body and face treatments, this checklist really is the fairest of them all. And, as always, we’ve shopped the product for you, so all you need to do is click, shop, and enjoy!

Editors from 46 Elles Around the World Pick Their 13 Favorite Beauty Products

Out of the millions of beauty products in this world, don’t you wish there was a way to know which are really worth your money? Well ladies, your wish has been granted. Elle has put its editors (from 46 worldwide editions no less) to the test with thousands of products. Keep reading to find out which ones came out the best of the best!

Lasting Makeup for Younger Skin

How our makeup wears throughout the day can be a challenge—even when we’re young! So how can we use some of the fabulous product out there to ensure that the time we’ve spent applying our makeup in the morning isn’t all for naught? BIS’ makeup guru, Kathryn Campbell, shares with us all we need to know. And, of course, we’ve done some shopping for you so that you can quickly and easily add the products your makeup bag is missing! 

Ultimate Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Do you use complementary makeup colors for your blush and lipstick or apply foundation to your eyelids? Be sure you’re doing what you should and avoiding what you shouldn’t when it comes to makeup application. Put your best face forward with these “Ultimate Makeup Dos and Don’ts!”

6 Blush Tips You Need to Know

Have you ditched the “smile-as-you-apply” technique to your blush application yet? If not, please do! Blush can do wonders for your look… But how you apply it can either make or break it! The following article by will teach you all you need to know to achieve that perfect glow!

Every Type of Mascara, Explained

When it comes to finding your perfect mascara, the number of options can be overwhelming. Skinny wands, curved wands and everything in between can leave you hopelessly wandering the aisles of Sephora and Target. But fortunately for us, ALLURE made a 15 minute video to answer every question we ever had.

9 Energizing Beauty Products to Boost Your Look—and Your Spirits

It’s that time of year, the end of winter is upon us and spring is just on the horizon. Even though spring isn’t here yet, we still want the dewy glow and energy levels the season gifts us with, all year round. This O Magazine article will give you the 9 best products you can find in the convenience of your nearest beauty aisle. They are sure to put the pep back in your step before spring even hits!

5 Products Our Editors Have Been Using For 10+ Years

It’s true with most things in life that when determining quality, time is our best friend. And beauty products are no exception. With trends blowing through our social media feeds at light speed, it’s more important now than ever to invest in products that will keep your beauty routines anchored down. The editors at NEWBEAUTY have an arsenal of products that have been staples in their cabinets for over a decade.

Bronzer & Looking Tan All Winter Long

We all feel healthier, more radiant and confident with a bit of a tan, and this time of year we find ourselves dreaming up ways to get glowing, sun-kissed skin. The following article from Marie Claire shows us how… Read on!

Multifunctional Makeup for Resort Travel

For so many of us, it’s time for Spring Break! And while we love to take off for some time in the sun, packing can be a real drag—especially when it comes to having to pack our toiletries and makeup. This month BIS Contributor Nathalie Gil shares her favorite makeup products that serve multiple purposes making packing for vacation that much easier!

How to Fix Broken Makeup

We’ve all done it at one time or another…we’ve dropped our favorite blush and watch it shatter into a million pieces. Now what? Find out how you can repair your broken makeup. You’ll be amazed at how easily it can be fixed!

Creating Gorgeous, Glowing Skin

As we head into what is, for many of us, a cold and very dry season, renowned make up artist Christopher Miles shares with us how to achieve gorgeous glowing skin. And as always, we’ve shopped the product used in the video to make purchasing those items that strike your fancy a breeze. Tune in to see how it’s done!

The 46 Best New Beauty Products of the Year, As Voted on By You

Getting tired of testing new beauty products hoping that one day you’ll find the perfect one to fulfill your needs? Skip the hassle of trial and error and give this InStyle article a read! This article features 46 of the best new beauty products this year and they’ve been voted on by the readers of InStyle—women like you—so you don’t have to worry about aimlessly meandering down the shampoo aisle or endlessly testing foundations on your cheek ever again!

Meghan Markle Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets with Birchbox

Meghan Markle, 36-year-old actress, model, and now Duchess of Sussex is one of the most iconic people of our time. Her style, beauty and values inspire millions and she never fails to look fabulous. If you ever wondered how this beauty creates her signature look, today’s your day! This Allure article holds all of Markle’s best beauty secrets that she’s shared with Birchbox. Don’t mind that this came out days before her wedding because the beauty secrets are still just as valuable! 

8 Makeup Artists Reveal Their Must-Have Bronzers

Everyone loves and aspires to that bronzy glow that makes you look like you’ve spent the entire summer on a beach as opposed to stuck in a cubicle…But from bargain to luxury, there are a lot of bronzers from which to choose. Check out the top 8 bronzers that makeup artists have called their “must-haves,” and you, too, can attain that healthy, gorgeous glow we all love.

The Best Beauty Products to Pack for Your Summer Vacation

It’s still summer which means there’s still time to take off on your magical dream vacay! The hardest part about getting ready for your trip is picking only the essential beauty products that are going to make the cut and come along for the trip. Keep reading to find out the best beauty products to pack for your summer vacation that your skin will be thanking you for later.