Beach Bum Hair

Salty water with the fresh breeze off the shore creates the perfect environment for that infamous “beach hair.” Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing hair day!

13 Dreamy Hairstyles to Wear to Your Next Wedding

It’s May which means one thing; wedding season is upon us! But have no fear—the following article from Marie Claire features 13 of the best hairstyles you’ll find—from soft to sleek—and they’re sure to keep you from scrambling through Pinterest the night before your friend’s big day! There’s something for everyone to love, so read on…

Can’t Take the Heat

Sometimes we may need to step away from the heat styling tools. With the temperature on this planet rising, heat styling is the last thing you want to think about on a hot summer day. Air drying your hair can be a great alternative to using a...

Winter Hair Savers

By BIS Contributor Laura Symons   Jack frost is upon us… amongst tornadoes, rain, and sleet, with the potential of a warm sunny day thrown into the mix. Regardless of where you live, I am sure you are experiencing some type of change in your own hair. Winter hair...

Hair—Simple by Day, Glam by Night

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are finally here! I am sure you have already put much thought into the clothing you’ll wear to those holiday events—but how are you going to wear your hair?

Bangs… To Cut or Not to Cut

Who hasn’t looked at themselves in the mirror before and thought about changing their hair? We have all been on the fence asking “should I do bangs?” See what style is right for you!