Bangs… To Cut or Not to Cut?

Who hasn’t looked at themselves in the mirror before and thought about changing their hair? We have all been on the fence asking  “should I do bangs?” We ask our girlfriends what their opinions are, then we wonder why we listen to them in the first place because let’s be real, when was the last time they changed their look? SO let me be the first to say this, bangs are a hot accessory this season! Dress them up, play them down, part them off to the side, or keep them straight down the middle! Take a look at what style will look best on you!

Mason Pearson: The True Story Behind the Secretive Maker of the World’s Best Hairbrush

The iconic Mason Pearson hairbrush is one that has been coveted by hair stylists for decades… So what’s the story behind this iconic company? Well, for starters, they don’t need to push their product—they just work. You’re going to want to read in this article from Allure about how Mason Pearson got its start in 1885 with their boar bristle brush, and how since then they have continued to dominate in the beauty industry.

Summer Hair Care: Treat Your Strands with Tender Loving Care

As it heats up outside, we shed our spring attire and embrace the summer styles. It is just as important to change out your seasonal wardrobe of hair products to better care for your locks. With lots of pool time, beach outings, and other summer activities, you need to be proactive with UV protection, thermal care, frizz control, and prevention of split ends. BIS Contributor Laura Symons shares her favorite summertime hair products.

The Shocking Ways Stress Directly Affects Our Appearance—And How to Beat It

We all know that a rise in cortisol is what causes us to experience the feeling of stress, but what exactly happens on a physical level to our bodies—to our skin, hair, teeth and body? You probably guessed correctly if you’re thinking “something that’s not good,” but if you’re looking for the fine print and the remedies to combat them, give this NEWBEAUTY feature a read.

Secrets to Lustrous Hair

We all want luxurious hair! Learn the secrets to getting just that. The following article offers up tips that included everything from choosing the right shampoo to adding a filter to your shower head to protecting your hair from heat…all of which can change your hair from drab to fab!

Beach Bum Hair

Salty water with the fresh breeze off the shore creates the perfect environment for that infamous “beach hair.” Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing hair day!

Editors from 46 Elles Around the World Pick Their 13 Favorite Beauty Products

Out of the millions of beauty products in this world, don’t you wish there was a way to know which are really worth your money? Well ladies, your wish has been granted. Elle has put its editors (from 46 worldwide editions no less) to the test with thousands of products. Keep reading to find out which ones came out the best of the best!

15 Morning Hair Hacks

As women, we all have the burden of putting our “faces” on and styling our hair. Our finished look is often dictated by how much time we may or may not have… so why not try one of these hair hacks and see how easy it is to look polished without the hassle of a full salon visit?!

10 Hair Growth Oils That Will Turn You Into Rapunzel

So often our skincare and makeup rituals get all the attention, while our hair care gets left behind. A spritz of dry shampoo here, a fast blow dry there, and before long we’ve got split ends and frizzed tresses. It’s time to re-prioritize and show your locks a little extra love with an easy step you can take everyday: add in a little bit of oil for an easy luxurious feel.

9 Energizing Beauty Products to Boost Your Look—and Your Spirits

It’s that time of year, the end of winter is upon us and spring is just on the horizon. Even though spring isn’t here yet, we still want the dewy glow and energy levels the season gifts us with, all year round. This O Magazine article will give you the 9 best products you can find in the convenience of your nearest beauty aisle. They are sure to put the pep back in your step before spring even hits!

5 Products Our Editors Have Been Using For 10+ Years

It’s true with most things in life that when determining quality, time is our best friend. And beauty products are no exception. With trends blowing through our social media feeds at light speed, it’s more important now than ever to invest in products that will keep your beauty routines anchored down. The editors at NEWBEAUTY have an arsenal of products that have been staples in their cabinets for over a decade.

The 30 Best Royal Hairstyles of All Time

From Princess Diana’s blonde cut to Meghan Markle’s loose waves, the royals have been setting the trends in hairstyles long before high-tea became an Instagram-worthy outing. There are multiple lessons we can learn from reviewing the up and down-dos of princesses—how to be timelessly chic while occasionally playing with the trends of the day.

The Messy Bun

It’s the perfect deconstructed solution to having your hair out of your face… go for the messy bun! It’s a favorite look and one that can be created with ease with the help of this article.

10 Beauty Products That Work Better When You Sleep

We all know how important sleep is for us. If you’re one of many who have trouble falling sleeping and knows what it’s like to wake up feeling even more tired than you did the night before, you might want to try a nightly regimen! The following article from features 10 amazing beauty products that will not only help you fall asleep but actually work better when you are asleep! Keep reading to find out what products are going to have you waking up refreshed and feeling glorious!

Meghan Markle Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets with Birchbox

Meghan Markle, 36-year-old actress, model, and now Duchess of Sussex is one of the most iconic people of our time. Her style, beauty and values inspire millions and she never fails to look fabulous. If you ever wondered how this beauty creates her signature look, today’s your day! This Allure article holds all of Markle’s best beauty secrets that she’s shared with Birchbox. Don’t mind that this came out days before her wedding because the beauty secrets are still just as valuable!