Spring FLASH Sales—Apparel!

Well—we can all agree these are crazy times, and to reflect that our favorite retailers have broken sale about a month and a half early. While these sales have only just begun and you may be thinking “hmmm, should I wait?” my answer is this… If you see something you are possessed by, grab it. Further markdowns are coming for sure, but as I shopped all these fabulous retailers, there is so much you’re not even seeing because it’s already sold out.

Fab Finds – March

This season is going to be spectacular! I’m already seeing so many fabulous pieces to add to your wardrobe! Timeless with a twist is how I would describe this season. It is such a departure from the last few years and I predict lots of fun in playing with incredible looks to make you be your most gorgeous self. Take a look at what we’ve found so far…

The Look – March

This month for The Look we took ourselves to Nordstrom…and we focused on looks for curves! Having said that, these pieces will work for everybody—not just those with curvy shapes! We loved everything we found and think you will find all of the shapes and styles incredibly easy and versatile.

Spring Accessories

This spring fashion season is just lots of fun in every direction and that includes accessories. The round shape of the aviator, stripes in all kinds of looks and some very fun hats all add to the adventure of this season. Take a look at what we have found here that will give you finish to your look!

Dollar Well Spent – March

One segment of Harper’s Bazaar that we love is “the well spent dollar.” We love it so much, in fact, that we have taken the concept and selected amazingly priced play items that Bobbi just loves! Here are our picks for March! Click. Shop. Enjoy!

Dress for Success — Final Sale!

When it comes to gauging one’s success, the handbag that you carry is second only to the shoes that you wear in terms of letting others know where you fall in the spectrum. That being said, I will always urge you to invest in your bags. You will love shopping for the investment bags that you covet at a fraction of the price you would pay if you walked into any of the retailers who carry them… See what we’ve found at The RealReal that you’re going to love!


Wearing the proper foundations (if you will pardon the expression) under you clothing is essential… it can alter the way your clothes hang on your body and slim where needed. Investing in your foundation wear is worth every penny… See what we’ve found for you this month!

Celebrity Street Style – March

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists.While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

Essential Shoes

In our world, essential shoes consist of all the categories that we live in endlessly, including sneakers, booties, and pumps. Keep in mind that not all silhouettes or leathers are equal however! Keep reading for Bobbi’s insight as to what shoes should comprise your ultimate, essential shoe wardrobe.

The Essential Third Piece

A very important finishing touch to every look you wear is the “third piece.” Therefore, it stands to reason, that this component is an essential part of your ultimate wardrobe. In any creative measure, things are always done in odd numbers. So, when you dress you have your top, your bottom and your third piece—which can be a cardigan, a sweater or a jacket. Simple and easy. See what fabulous third pieces we’ve found for your ultimate, essential wardrobe!

Essential Denim

Denim as a wardrobe essential is pretty obvious. What might not be obvious is the style of denim that will be the most flattering to your body and the most chic on you. Read up on the styles that are most flattering all around and be sure to add some denim chic to your ultimate wardrobe!

Essential Sneakers

Sneakers are fabulous with all of your knock-around looks to your everyday sport clothes. I firmly believe sneakers are one the biggest must-haves of the season and predict they will become a long time staple in our wardrobes.

Tailored to Fit Your Budget – March

Whether you’re a seasoned BIS member or brand new to the site, one concept bears repeating every single month; if you are serious about climbing the ladder of success in your workplace, you must dress the part! Our partnership with The RealReal makes building your essential wardrobe that much easier. Click. Shop. Enjoy!

The Essential White T Shirt

The white T shirt is an iconic essential in your wardrobe. Every fashion icon from Audrey Hepburn forward will tell you the white T shirt is a staple. What does it do? It pops everything and it goes with almost every category imaginable. Take a look at the sensational white Ts we think you should have in your essential wardrobe! Happy Shopping!

Celebrity Street Style — February, Part 2

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

Spicy Chickpea Poppers

If you’ve ever had fried chickpeas before you’ll know how unbelievably addictive they can be. And the good news is, they are not only high in protein, but they’re also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber! That said, you’re definitely going to want to check out this recipe for Spicy Chickpea Poppers from one of our favorite recipe sources, Epicurious. The crunchy bite of the fried chickpeas combined with fragrant basil and earthy cumin makes for a savory snack you will crave. Warm and golden brown, these spicy chickpea poppers are absolutely delicious!

The Secret Reason Some People Are Never Happy

Has anything really good ever happened to you and after celebrating for a split second you stop and think, “no, this is too good to be true”? As harmless as this thought may feel, it’s actually you not allowing yourself to experience the joy of a good thing! It’s you believing your happiness has a “full capacity limit,” and guess what? It’s time to break out of that mentality! This O magazine article features life coach, Martha Beck, who offers amazing advice to those depriving themselves of happiness and may not even know it! Are you one of those people? Keep reading to find out…and if you are, discover how to become the happiest version of yourself. You deserve it.

The Look — Anthropologie

This month we shot The Look at one of the easiest and most versatile of the places we frequent for these shoots… Anthropologie. We found so much at such great value, and everything was absolutely adorable! The winter white outerwear jacket you will see me in was phenomenal; a true keeper for a zillion years and soooooo cozy! Gorgeous, useful and so chic! Have fun perusing all the yummy treasures we found (and shopped for you)! Each one is so versatile in so many ways! Hmmm… what will you decide is a “must have”?

Achieving a Bronzed Look

This month Nathalie shares with us how to achieve that beautiful, glowing, sun-kissed look through the proper application of bronzer and blush. You’re definitely going to want to watch this informative video!

Winter Pomegranate Salad with Maple Candied Walnuts.

The cheerful appeal of cherry-red pomegranate seeds along with a tangy bite of citrus and a deeply flavorful Balsamic Fig Vinaigrette are just a few of the ingredients that set this salad apart from the rest. Finish it off with a touch of sweetness from candied walnuts and you have before you a winter salad that is the perfect balance of savory, tangy, and sweet. And lest we forget, it’s good for you too! Be sure to add this fabulous recipe to your menu this week… We know we will!

How to Be a Better Friend in the Digital Age

Whether you’re the friend who “likes” and comments on every one of your BFF’s Instagram posts in one sitting, or you’re the one who bakes cookies (or arranges a Tiff’s Treats delivery) for your bestie, we all have different ways of saying “I love you.” In a time when communicating via phone call, text and social media is the norm, Oprah magazine shares some practical ways to harness the digital era and improve your friendships.

Celebrity Street Style — February

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

The Art of Stylish, Comfy Travel—European Edition

This article, though brief, can be a life changer for you. It will give you the pointers on looking like a million, being super comfortable and deals with both personal and business travel. As always we want to simplify the process for you with maximum fabulous…and as always, we’ve done the shopping for you!

Deals & Steals – February

Oh how we love our deals & steals!! And why wouldn’t we? It is all about the discount and scrumptiously delicious finds that are a bargain! We shop our favorite discounters to find those yummy pieces at a steal…just for you! How much fun is that? See what we’ve found for February!

Fab Finds — European Edition

Every season, Bobbi seeks out the most fabulous pieces that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe, and this Spring is no exception! Be on the lookout for all things timeless with a twist! There will be lots of fun playing with incredible looks that will ensure that you are always your most gorgeous self!

For the New Year, Say No to Negativity

The start of every new year brings fresh resolutions, new mantras, and, unfortunately, some trepidation that at least some of our fabulous intentions will not manifest. As it turns out, there is a scientific basis for this. It’s called negativity bias, and it causes negative events to affect us more deeply than the positive ones we experience. However glum it may seem, there are ways to combat this tendency and have a healthier, happier, and wiser year.

The Next 25 Years of Beauty

It wasn’t all that long ago that cosmetic Botox seemed like a futuristic procedure used by niche groups of consumers. Fast-forward 20 years and it’s nothing if not commonplace, fueling a multi-million dollar industry. So what will be the “Botox” of the next two decades? This fascinating article from Marie Claire makes a few bold predictions that are definitely worth reading!

The Test – Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser

In this month’s installment of “The Test,” BIS Skin Care Specialist, Kortni, reviews Mario Badescu’s Acne Facial Cleanser. This popular gel cleanser features a blend of aloe vera and chamomile to help restore balance while blemish-fighting ingredients help promote clearer-looking skin. But is it worth the $15 price tag? Kortni shares her experience with us.

A Social Media Guide for Introverts

Using social media for the purpose of business is often referred to as “personal branding”… But how does the introverted professional, who would rather stay behind the scenes, go about leveraging social platforms in a way that isn’t exhausting to them? This new mindset may be the answer, while helping some people along the way.

The Power of Intention

Who among us doesn’t want to live a life with purpose? While we each define “purpose” in our own unique way, it is human nature to want to fulfill it. So how do we go about doing that…particularly when the stresses of daily life can make achieving that goal feel overwhelming or out of reach?
According BIS contributor Ana Loi, the answer is living with intention. You’re definitely going to want to read this short but oh-so-impactful article!

How to Look Fresh & Alert Using Concealer

Let’s face it—life today can be more than a little hectic. It’s no wonder we all look exhausted all the time! We don’t have to however, and this month BIS Beauty contributor Nathalie Gil shares with us tips on how to properly use concealer to achieve a look that is both fresh and alert. These tips will have you looking awake (even if you haven’t had your coffee yet) in no time! Be sure to watch the video to learn these simple and illuminating (pun intended) techniques!

The Test: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

In this month’s “The Test” BIS’s Skin Care Specialist, Kortney, reviews the Aztec Secret Clay Mask. This popular and economical product contains 100% Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay, harvested from Death Valley, California, and has many uses from purifying facials and treating acne, to body wraps, clay baths, and foot soaks, among other treatments. But is it worth the $10 price tag? Kortney shares her experience with us.

Recipe: The Secrets to Perfect Cacio e Pepe

It’s true—the best things in life are the simple things. All you need is sea salt, pasta, Pecorino Romano and freshly cracked black pepper, to create a richly flavorful dish straight from the streets of Rome. This recipe is equal parts comforting, easy, and delicious. It is also the perfect addition to a cozy winter’s night inside your home. Buon appetito!

The T&C Guide To New York City During The Holidays

From the fantastical holiday window displays to taking in the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza, the festivities of the season are abundant in the city that never sleeps. Whether you’re taking a trip to Manhattan or merely needing a mental escape to a holiday destination, this Town & Country guide will have you daydreaming in no time.

Celebrity Street Style – January

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

The Look — December

This month we shot the look at my favorite holiday location… Saks Off 5th. We found so many yummy treasures along with so many potentially fabulous gifting ideas! I love this shoot and look forward to it every year as it is always the most delightful surprise. We know you will feel the same as you view all we found and loved. Happy holidays!

‘Paris, Capital of Fashion’ Review: The City of Sartorial Love

Have you ever wondered how Paris became the undisputed epicenter of the fashion world? The short answer is, there’s no one specific reason, but in the Wall Street Journal’s review of the Museum at FIT’s Fall exhibit, you’ll find a few causes rooted in the city’s history and penchant for being “over-the-top” that explain how the story unfolds.

15 Slow Cooker Recipes Perfect for Cold Weather

Baby, it’s cold outside! With temperatures rapidly falling and the events of the holiday season upon us, the thought of eating in is just so cozy this time of year. Whether you’re craving chicken pot pie or pumpkin oatmeal you’re going to want to check out these 15 fabulous recipes—courtesy of theeverygirl.com—that can all be made in a slow cooker. With minimal prep and a little bit of patience, you’ll soon be enjoying a piping hot meal that will warm you from the inside out!

How to Prevent Bloating When Traveling

Vacations are meant for setting out on new adventures—relaxation, exploration, and generally experiencing what the world has to offer—all of which are that much more enjoyable without the annoyance of stomach bloat. Don’t let digestive issues and a bloated stomach dampen the spirit of your time away. The following article from theeverygirl.com features five ways to combat the dreaded travel bloat, and each one has been tested and approved by the article’s writer herself. Read on for fool-proof methods that will allow you to enjoy your vacation without fear of a stomach revolt!


One of the marvelous things about gratitude is that it has no upper limit, at least as far as BIS Contributor Coach Ana can tell. You can be as grateful as you want to be. Find what fills your heart with gratitude and joy as it will truly change your life! And what better time to start than Thanksgiving!

Butterscotch Pudding Parfait with Gingersnaps

Butterscotch pudding parfait? Well don’t mind if we do! The holidays are the perfect time of year to set aside your calorie-counting ways and treat yourself to a little something special after dinner… and this indulgent dessert fits the bill beautifully! It can be made a few days in advance and is sure to impress and delight your friends and family with its classic creamy pudding and spicy gingersnap crumble. Bon appétit!