15 Acts of Self Care to Try This Weekend

Weekends can be a lot of things: relaxation station, hangover nation. But one thing they should never be is a “stress-cation.” Instead of trudging through a laundry list of chores and weekend work to-dos, why not try to take two full days to yourself? You’ll not only reap the benefits yourself, but you’ll also score major brownie points with  your boss when you show up to work on Monday refreshed, rejuvenated and empowered from a weekend of intense self-care. Put that on your to-do list!

How to Supercharge Your Water

We don’t need to remind you how great water is for you—after all, we all know how important it is. But what we can share with you are some amazing ways to actually supercharge your water! By adding some of these simple ingredients shared in this Porter article you can purify your body, absorb essential minerals, and even increase hydration to your body. And the best part? Most of the ingredients are already sitting in your kitchen pantry! Keep reading to find out find ingenious ways to revolutionize your water.

I Ate (And Cooked) Like a Parisian for a Week—Here’s What I Learned

Ah Par-ee. The art, the fashion, the romance, the bread. What’s not to love? Like many aspects of French culture, the mindset regarding food is very different from that of the average American cook. Indulgence over restriction. Simple and fresh over processed. Enjoyment over efficiency. So go ahead and give this experiment in French cooking a read and pick up some brie and wine on your way home tonight.

The Look – August

This month we took The Look to Madewell and had such a marvelous time with all the well-priced treasures you see here! Each piece stands on its own merit as worthy of owning to mix and match with goodies you already own or to create the looks you are seeing. Each look we put together is a show-stopper and we hope you will love it all as much as we do!

Curb Your Cravings: 9 Healthy Food Swaps You’ll Want to Try ASAP

Eating “healthy” no longer means a chicken breast and broccoli for dinner every night… So many of us automatically associate healthy living with boring food, and that just couldn’t be farther from the truth! This article from theeverygirl.com features the perfect way to begin a healthier eating routine by swapping out some of your everyday staples with tasty, healthier versions of them.

Brightening Up Your Eyes & Skin with Concealer

Let’s face it ladies—we all have hectic lives and as a result, we often tend to look a bit tired…but we don’t have to! As always, BIS Beauty contributor Nathalie Gil shares with us a quick tip about how using concealer can not only brighten the area around your eyes, but also brighten your skin. Employ this little trick and you’ll use less foundation and it will apply more smoothly. This is a definite must-see for all! And, of course, we’ve shopped the product to make it that much easier for you to add to your beauty kit!

Celebrity Street Style – August

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

Travel to Bali for Revelations in Balance and Beauty

Ever since Bali became a celebrity vacation spot in the 1930s, the Indonesian island has only amped up its reputation as a destination for natural beauty, tranquility and spiritual retreat. With no shortage of beauty and creative energy to offer its visitors, Bali stands out as a go-to summer get-away. Fortune has the inside scoop and some well-researched choices of places to stay once you get there.

The Beauty Products That Will Help You Sleep

Sleep is essential for so many countless reasons…Our health, both mentally and physically, our mood, weight management, and our energy levels are just to name a few. We know that it’s good for us but it doesn’t always come easily to all of us. If you have ever had trouble falling asleep at night, or simply want an overall better night’s rest, you’re going to want to keep reading this article from theeverygirl.com on the best products for a good night’s sleep.

Thanks to Microblading, I Finally Have My Pre-Tweezer Eyebrows Back

The process of deciding to get a tattoo is a drawn-out one for most, so it’s no shock that when the placement is on your face, people tend to take even longer to decide. But however daunting the thought is, in recent years the microblading trend (creating small incisions on your brows and filling them in with pigment) has grown wildly popular. Allure Editor in Chief Michelle Lee used to be a skeptic, until this summer when she finally went for it, and she couldn’t be more pleased with her choice.

The Annual Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!!

I have long been a fan of one of the best and most unique sales ever… the major, annual event at Nordies called “The Anniversary Sale!” I have shopped what I think are the most fabulous of what is being offered this year.  This is all new fall and a lot of fun. So, check out what we have found and know you will love and act on it ASAP as this only goes for two weeks, then back to full price and worse—it goes in an absolute flash! Happy shopping!!

Allure Readers’ Choice Awards for 2019

The most democratic annual list of the best-of-the-best has hit our doorsteps once again: The Allure Reader’s Choice Awards! Voted on by the magazine’s fans and probably containing more than a few staples you already own and love for hair, body and face treatments, this checklist really is the fairest of them all. And, as always, we’ve shopped the product for you, so all you need to do is click, shop, and enjoy!

Happy July!

We’re now officially half-way through the year… And BIS Contributor Dr. Mary Warren wants to know how your fitness goals are going. Have you taken on a Health Partner to help you accomplish them? Your Health Partner could be a friend, sister, husband, partner, mate, dog or neighbor. Make it easy and you will increase your success-ratio. The key to all new healthy habits is simplicity and sustainability.  

A Late-Night Snack to Help You Snooze?

The midnight snacks we know and love are starting to get smart. Or rather, the companies that are forging a new sector in the snacking industry just for them are. That’s right, there is now a whole class of late-night ice creams and chocolate squares catered toward helping you sleep. Some of them are lower in sugar, some include small doses of melatonin, but all of them have a similar goal: helping you get better Zs.

I Believe… in Embracing Change

Life changes frequently. Sometimes change happens so fast that it feels like we are a “Bop Bag” that is being hit over and over again—with each hit coming before we can stand up straight from the previous “bop.” This month BIS Contributor Debbie Lane discusses how to embrace change instead of dreading it. Read on for more…

Celebrity Street Style – July

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

The Look – July

This month we shot The Look at one of my favorite places…. Planet Blue. What I love about Planet Blue is all, and I do mean ALL the trendy but easily wearable and adorable pieces they have spread around the boutique. We had such a fun time selecting our final candidates for the shoot as there were so many yummy treasures we all wanted to go home with. So… enjoy these fabulous cool summer looks that will be wonderful additions to your summer dressing!

10 Meals for Health Conscious Hungry Girls

Don’t be fooled by the old wive’s tale that you need to eat less to lose more…Eating is all about fueling your body with energy to keep you going, so don’t starve that little voice in your head that’s begging for fuel. With appropriate meals filled with fiber, protein, healthy fats and complex carbs, eating whole foods until you feel satisfied is the right thing to do! This article by theeverygirl.com features 10 amazing recipes that will have you actually craving healthy meals!


Wearing the proper foundations (if you will pardon the expression) under you clothing is essential… it can alter the way your clothes hang on your body and slim where needed. Investing in your foundation wear is worth every penny… See what we’ve found for you this month!

The Dollar Well Spent – July

One segment of Harper’s Bazaar that we love is “the well spent dollar.” We love it so much, in fact, that we have taken the concept and selected amazingly priced play items that Bobbi just loves! Here are our picks for July! Click. Shop. Enjoy!


Who says you can’t look chic and sophisticated while pregnant? Certainly not us! Look chic in whatever stage of pregnancy you’re in. Be sure to take a look at what we’ve found for you this month! Click, shop, and relax… you’ve got pregnancy covered!

Beat the Heat

Finding clothes that can help you take on the summer heat isn’t always easy. We are focusing on helping you look your best while beating the heat! These light, comfy pieces are sure to have you feeling great and looking like a million!

Essential Shoes

In our world, essential shoes consist of all the categories that we live in endlessly, including sneakers, booties, and pumps. Keep in mind that not all silhouettes or leathers are equal however! Keep reading for Bobbi’s insight as to what shoes should comprise your ultimate, essential shoe wardrobe.

The Essential Third Piece

A very important finishing touch to every look you wear is the “third piece.” Therefore, it stands to reason, that this component is an essential part of your ultimate wardrobe. In any creative measure, things are always done in odd numbers. So, when you dress you have your top, your bottom and your third piece—which can be a cardigan, a sweater or a jacket. Simple and easy. See what fabulous third pieces we’ve found for your ultimate, essential wardrobe!

Essential Accessories

Your essential accessories should include chic, simple pieces intended for daily wearing. These are the finishing touches that really pull your look together, up your chic, and continue to build on your ultimate wardrobe.


Looking for a wedding dress that will set you apart from the rest? We’ve found some stunning dresses for you that take wedding chic to a whole new level. Shopping for that perfect dress just got a whole lot easier!

Casual Date Night

With temperatures rising we all want to be comfortable, casual, and stylish all while staying cool in the summer heat. Date night shouldn’t be a hassle for you. Create the perfect collection of items for your casual night out! Have fun shopping for your next date night look!

Essential Denim

Denim as a wardrobe essential is pretty obvious. What might not be obvious is the style of denim that will be the most flattering to your body and the most chic on you. Read up on the styles that are most flattering all around and be sure to add some denim chic to your ultimate wardrobe!

Essential Sneakers

Sneakers are fabulous with all of your knock-around looks to your everyday sport clothes. I firmly believe sneakers are one the biggest must-haves of the season and predict they will become a long time staple in our wardrobes.

The Essential White T Shirt

The white T shirt is an iconic essential in your wardrobe. Every fashion icon from Audrey Hepburn forward will tell you the white T shirt is a staple. What does it do? It pops everything and it goes with almost every category imaginable. Take a look at the sensational white Ts we think you should have in your essential wardrobe! Happy Shopping!

Secrets to Lustrous Hair

We all want luxurious hair! Learn the secrets to getting just that. The following article offers up tips that included everything from choosing the right shampoo to adding a filter to your shower head to protecting your hair from heat…all of which can change your hair from drab to fab!

The Myth of the “Simple” Will

Life can be complicated…and for that matter, so can death. And death can be that much more complicated—for our loved ones—when we don’t have our affairs in order. This month BIS contributor Lorie Burch focuses on the importance of a will, and why, even if you’re not affluent, they are never simple. This short but impactful article is a must-read for ALL of us!

Beach Bum Hair

Salty water with the fresh breeze off the shore creates the perfect environment for that infamous “beach hair.” Pack your bags and get ready for an amazing hair day!

Celebrity Street Style – June

Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the season’s hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists. While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

Style Secrets–Casual Cool for Summer

Style Secrets is all about pulling items from the season and pairing them with pieces that you may already have in your existing wardrobe. Find out what styles and silhouettes you’re going to want to look for as we head into the warmer months. Getting ready for summer has never been easier!

The First Timer’s Guide to Coachella

What is Coachella? Combine the hottest musical talent in the world, a fashion week catwalk, A-list celebrities, non-stop dancing, three full days of pool parties, all the good vibes and put it all in the middle of a desert oasis with perfect weather and you get a pretty good picture. It’s definitely a bucket-list item, and when you go to Coachella, you want to do it RIGHT. Fortunately for us, BIS Contributor SJ Grisham has put together a list of items to keep in mind for first-timers. Here’s the inside scoop!

How Eating More of What You Love Can Make You Healthier

Walk in just about any health food store and you will see refrigerator shelves of Kombucha and other probiotic supplements that are asking for your business. While there is nothing wrong with these things, the Wall Street Journal poses a new theory: you may getting too many probiotics in your diet and not enough prebiotics. Prebiotics are found in many types of everyday produce and are necessary to making probiotics beneficial to your body. And the good news is that they come in the form of many foods you already love!