By BIS Contributor Laura Symons


Summer is finally here! And I bet we had no problem saying “goodbye” to old man winter and “hello!” to the warmer weather of spring and now summer.

Spring and summer means the onset on warm weather travel and, for many of this, this means a trip to the beach! Grab your suitcase, pack minimally, but don’t forget your beach accessories. Why not look fabulous while romping around in the sand? Your hair, aside from your fantastic bathing suit, should not be overlooked. The beach is the best place to play up on what Mother Nature offers to you. The salty water with the fresh breeze off the shore creates the perfect environment for that infamous “beach hair”.

I have hand picked a few of my go-to styles you can create before hitting the beach. Whether you have long hair, short hair, wavy hair, or straight hair, I bet you will be able to find your inner mermaid with one of these sassy styles.

However, if the beach is not in your near future, don’t panic. All of these looks can be replicated in the comfort of your own home as well.

Beach Hair

This look is always being requested when working in the salon. It has become an iconic style that almost anyone can replicate. Start by using a beach spray in your hair when wet. Spritz your locks liberally to encourage natural wave to develop. Blow dry your hair with a diffuser while your head is upside down to create more volume at the root. When finished, your hair will probably look a little unruly. However, this is only step one and magic is about to happen. Find your part and loosely create a line with your fingers along your desired part line.

You now can approach your hair in one of three ways.

  • Twist sections of your hair into a rope and press the flatiron from a ¼” off the root to the length of the ends, heating each section of your hair thoroughly. This works best with smaller sections of hair, as if you were creating a curl.
  • Braiding your hair into a beach wave will also give you a natural look without the hassle of curling irons. Section your hair into 4 quadrants. Braid each section into a 3 strand or a classic French braid. Mist your hair again with the beach spray to lightly dampen. You will probably want to do this at night, so you can sleep on the braids and let them set up for the next day. When you take down your braids you will have a beautiful beach wave.
  • Classic curling wand can be used to create a wrap curl with each section of your hair. Mist a little bit of a light hold hair spray before using the iron as to protect your hair from the heat. Pinch the ends of your hair tightly and begin to wrap the section of your hair around the barrel of the iron. Wrap from the root down to the ends. Hold the iron for about 10 seconds and release the curl. Work in sections around the head until complete. Spritz a dry wave spray all over and loosely shake out your curls. This look will take about 20 minutes to complete the entire head, but will last for days.

Beachy Braids

This adorable look is an easy go-to. If those pesky strands are misbehaving, try incorporating a French braid into your look. Use the braid to sweep hair off your face and sass up your second day hair. You can do a single braid or multiple braids. The chunkier the braid, the better. Try keeping the braids loose and not too over done. You want your look to be organic, not perfected.

Beach Accessories

One of my favorite trends for beach hair is accessorizing. I adore the look of second day beach hair dolled up with a hat or a headband. No need to be worried about washing your locks for this quick look. Snag a cute sunhat, flower fascinator, or a braided headband, and re-spray a little more of the beach spray into your dry ends. Scrunch and go is my motto for this one.

Now go pack your bags, grab your cutest swimsuits, and don’t forget your hair products and accessories. You are now ready to rule the beach and be the envy of all the beach bums. What style of mermaid are you?