With the changeover from summer to fall comes a whole new list of trends. Welcome to the Fall 2023 Trends Preview!

In this post, we will share an overview of our favorite trends for Fall 2023, with a few helpful details sprinkled throughout. This week’s shopping showcases a few pieces from each trend, but in the following weeks, we’ll expound on them by sharing the new arrivals that have come in—and it’s Fall, so you know they’ll be delicious! This will be such a fun journey of treasures from which to choose your new fall looks.

The trends we’ll see this Fall are all over the board and incredibly delightful. From timeless to edgy, you will find so much to love!



Menswear is huge. Naturally, this will include trouser pants and double- and single-breasted variety blazers.

Crispy White Shirts and Silk Blouses. They are ever-chic and essential wardrobe must-haves.

Capes and Ponchos. We’ll be seeing lots in this category this Fall.

Black Dress Coats. There is a huge focus on this lifetime purchase that serves as a foundational piece to your essential wardrobe. If you are in need of one, now is the time to start looking!

Minimalism is another solid trend for which I can only say hallelujah! Think in terms of monochromatic looks in all grey, all winter white, and all camel. Quiet luxury is what they are calling this.

And speaking of Camel, you’ll be seeing lots of it along with Beige in Every Shade and the combination of Black and White. These chic and timeless neutrals will be prominent, and you’ll see them everywhere.

Hot Pink. Well, we can’t leave out Barbie, so look for a continuation of hot pink this Fall!

Little Black Dresses (LBDs) are everywhere, and a major focus will be on 50s ladylike style. We’ll be seeing simple, understated dresses alongside circle skirts and other “ladylike” silhouettes. Be still my beating heart, as this will be a style WOW for sure!

Plaid will be around in loads of silhouettes, so channel your inner Scottish lass and enjoy!

On a more casual note, look for Cargo Pants, Denim on Denim, Wide-leg Jeans, and Shearlings. I love, love, love all these styles and silhouettes!

And where bags and shoes are concerned, Super-Sized Totes are, once again, a major trend, along with Moc Croc Bags and Top-Handled Bags.

And for shoes? Pointy Toes are everywhere, and be sure to look out for Over-the-Knee Boots!

Fall 2023 Trends Preview


Summing it all up…

We always love fall trends, but this year feels particularly exciting as it hastens back to that feeling of fabulous fall luxe. And thank goodness it’s back! We love the overall richness and luxury of each of the trending categories this Fall. They draw you, creating a sense of excitement and the desire to get dressed to the nines as you go out in the world—even in the casual category, with its edgy and easy-to-wear silhouettes.

Stay tuned… you’re going to love what’s coming!


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