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Last minute deals on Naked Cashmere for Holiday Gifting.

By now you’re, no doubt, familiar with the quality, glorious styles, and fabulous pricing of Naked Cashmere. You may also still be in need of those last-minute holiday gifts that have stumped you, and now decisions must be made. After all, we’re down to the wire in terms of timing. Then, of course, there are those treasures you’ve been lusting after for yourself. Well—we’re here to save the day! More Naked Cashmere is on the way!

To reiterate what makes Naked so special—not only do they have some of the finest cashmere in the world, but they have a unique marketing strategy that allows them to keep their pricing low. Much lower than the designer labels you find at the retailers we all shop. Naked Cashmere is one of the best brands to shop for luxury cashmere for less.

As a reminder, please note: because of Naked Cashmere’s business model, their product NEVER goes on sale. Truthfully, there’s no need for sale as at these prices their product is a tremendous value!


A Special Gift for You

We continue to be thrilled about our incredible collaboration with Naked Cashmere and our ability to offer you an exclusive discount on your shopping. How fun is that?

DISCOUNT CODE ALERT! Your personal discount code is at the bottom of this blog post.

To be clear, I have been shopping cashmere for years and I can tell you from experience that Naked Cashmere’s quality is fabulous! Not only that, but it also wears beautifully! Now, I’m not going to throw any other designers under the bus, but this cashmere is worth its weight in gold.

I’ll be honest—I am in love with the idea of cashmere for all of fall and winter. It is cozy, comfy, and the height of luxury. I have also always loved Naked Cashmere’s silhouettes and I think you will agree as you peruse the shopping below. What they offer is flattering and yummy, and you’re going to want to own the entire collection—or most of it anyway!

A word to the wise, however. For those of you who still need to make some gift shopping decisions, the collection is selling out quickly. As I shopped for this blog I found many of the items I love have sold out.  Just saying.


Give the Gift of Cashmere

Cashmere is at the top of the holiday shopping list for good reason—it is luxurious, soft, cozy, and timeless. And it is one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays, especially when you can buy it for less!

You cannot miss with the gift of the glorious, gorgeous luxury of cashmere and at these prices, it makes it even better. A gift of cashmere is a gift to be treasured always as your gift recipients wear it and remember you.

Chic that Can’t be Beat!

You’re going to find that each of the spectacular items I’ve shopped is endlessly chic and useable. This makes them perfect for luxe holiday gifting. In fact, you may also want to think about a piece or two for yourself. After all, we all know that the hallmark of a great gift is when you want it so badly you must buy one for yourself! And who doesn’t want to have the perfect pieces to cozy up with as the temperatures drop?

Luxury Cashmere Holiday Gifts for Men

Check out these yummy cashmere gifts just for him. Any of them are sure to bring a big smile to his face and warm his heart. And our discount code only makes it better!

You’ll both love these gorgeous, timeless pieces.

 Luxury Cashmere Holiday Gifts for Women

New Arrivals for Her—or You!

These fabulous pieces are new this holiday season at Naked Cashmere and we get to get them at a discount! How incredible is that? (P.S.—Don’t forget the discount code at the bottom of this post.)

Such treasures are sure to make your gift hunting a breeze especially at this point when you have to be feeling the pressure of the season.  Here’s to finding the perfect gifts!


Cozy Cashmere Accessories + Home Items

These fabulous pieces for the home are sure to be a hit. Whether for you or the lucky recipient of a gift from you, you will be remembered for them! The throws, wraps, gloves, slippers, and other accessories featured below are treasures that will be loved and enjoyed for years!

Cashmere Loungewear

When it comes to loungewear, think in terms of wearing it with more than just sneakers. While it appears that how to wear joggers should be self-explanatory (by virtue of its name), the truth is, there’s more to it. For instance, you can wear your joggers with any number of fabulous boot styles. And for an evening out, wear them with a sexy, strappy sandal. In fact, boots and sandals are a fun and trendy way to expand the use of your joggers.

And for your tops, be sure to pair your loungewear hoodies and cashmere t-shirts with your favorite jeans. Literally, any style of jean looks fabulous with these.

Need some inspiration? Think hoodie with wide-leg jeans and combat boots. You can also take the same hoodie and pair it with skinny jeans and knee-high or over-the-knee boots. Serious fabulousness!

Chic Cashmere Jackets + Vest

I absolutely am possessed with these fabulous jackets and their layered looks. Wear them with a white or even a thermal t-shirt underneath. Shackets are one of the hottest trends this season and these cashmere jackets most definitely fit that bill.

I am in love—and think you will be as well—with the more tailored blazer style cashmere jacket. As above, it can be layered with the white t-shirt look.

Lastly, the puffer jacket and vest are two endlessly useful (and adorable) pieces to keep you warm and toasty all season. Do you love these as much as I do??

Cashmere Essential “Must-Haves”

You’ve got to love the essentials I’ve shopped for you below. From the sweaters to the bodysuits to the jumpsuit, you will be possessed.

The timeless sweaters will bring showstopping magic to any look you create. Pair them with anything from a cashmere bottom to menswear’s understated dressing, to any style jean. And bonus, every style of jean works here!

Shop and Save With the Discount Code!

You didn’t think we’d forget, did you? This is the perfect opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping. Just enter the code below as you shop and acquire all your favorite cashmere treasures—whoever they’re for—at a discount!


Use code: LOVENAKED for $100 off your $500+ purchase!

Looking for more cashmere gifts or styles?  Reach out to us at for any help you may need regarding this extraordinary luxe fabrication that is the height of both luxury and chic.

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