A very important finishing touch to every look you wear is the “third piece.” Therefore, it stands to reason, that this component is an essential part of your ultimate wardrobe.

In any creative measure, things are always done in odd numbers. So, when you dress you have your top, your bottom and your third piece—which can be a cardigan, a sweater or a jacket. Simple and easy.

As far as cardigans go, you always want to wear a V neck, and and button the button at the breast bone. This styling tip creates the allusion (or reality) of slenderness. It gives or shows off a waist line and the “v” provides length and a slender silhouette.

Sweaters and jackets can be worn or tied around the shoulders or hips… your choice.

These essential third pieces are almost like accessories. They finish your look, add shape and polish— and, of course, chic.

See what we love and think are “Essentials” to building your ultimate wardrobe and… these pieces up your chic and save dressing and stress time.

Have fun shopping!