As a concept, the idea of pre-owned is genius.

If you are like me, you love luxury… and yet sometimes it isn’t in the budget to stroll into Neiman’s and purchase the lovely treasures at whatever price they are offering. And so… enter the world of pre-owned. We do love the offerings at pre-owned sites, but keep in mind that these treasures often disappear at the speed of light, so you can’t hesitate long before adding an item to your shopping cart.  Please also keep in mind The Real Real is all sales final on anything at 40% off or more, and all handbags are all sales final. 

As a stylist I often work with the resellers to pass on my client’s fabulous goodies that they are letting go to make room for their new treasures, so I know how carefully the resellers check over each item before they accept or reject a piece. This makes for a delicious possibility in terms of your acquiring something you desire for a much more palatable price.

Check out the most recent pieces we’ve found and love… and let us know if there are specific categories you would like to have us shop in the future!

Have fun! I sure did!