This week’s blog is the second in our series, that is, btw, coordinated with our Fashion Friday video we do each week on FB, remembering to make yourself look the gorgeous you before the pandemic.

We have all fallen in to the habit of no make-up, minimal hair care and… oh, if I am even getting out of my  PJs what’s the handiest thing I have to throw on. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, and Fashion Friday, what started out to be two glorious weeks of checking out has morphed into four months. And, what has transpired would be new habits. Some habits fabulous but, some habits like our self-care, maybe not so much.

So, over the next number of weeks we are going to work on getting back into the habit of putting a little effort into how we look and enjoying the incredible results of feeling more focused, more energetic (yet sill relaxed), more confident and… well, lots more.

The first habit of letting ourselves go, just sort of happened as we were going day-by-day not knowing what was coming. We still don’t know what’s coming but we at least now recognize what we have been doing and so through these next weeks I challenge you to focus on consciously changing your behavior and creating new self-care habits.

We are creatures of routine for sure and it isn’t until we get out of that routine habit that we realize what has happened.

If I might, I’d like to share a short story with you. I hope you will laugh along with me—though I laughed in semi horror.

Though I’ve worked full days since the beginning of the pandemic, I haven’t had any face-to-face time with my clients, and only now are they beginning to surface. So, for the first time in a few months, I had my first client request that required me to visit some of the designer boutiques I typically frequent at Highland Park Village. Keep in mind, this was my first outing for client shopping at what is considered the Rodeo Drive of Dallas (for those of you who are unfamiliar with this area) since the beginning of the pandemic.


As would happen I had a very busy morning and a short window of time to get ready, get to the market for my groceries, and get back for a conference call.

I thought to myself, “I have time to get dressed and get to the market but I don’t really have time to also put on makeup.”

I then thought to myself, “no worries. I can put my makeup on after the call and before I leave for the Village.”

Fast forward to about 5 pm that afternoon.  I was reviewing the day and wondering why my guy at The Conservatory and my girl at Carolina Herrera had looked at me, in a manner that seemed strange. Hmmm—maybe I was imagining it?

A few minutes later I got my first look in the mirror for the day and was seriously shocked… I had forgotten to put my makeup on!

I have laughed with them about it and both of them acknowledged they were seriously surprised. I can tell you I have never left for an appointment or anything important and forgotten, totally, to put my makeup on! Is the world going to end? Absolutely not, but it was a huge wakeup call for me. 

This incident actually occurred a couple days after I had been doing research on the impact of self-care regarding daily behaviors and had decided to do this series. Well.. there’s some insight! On another note, once I had decided on doing the series of upping our chic behavior, I jumped right in and have been getting dressed everyday… a pretty major feat after four months of jammies.

So, this week I’m going to encourage you to commit to finding comfy but cute pieces to put on—other than your PJs! Include shoes, even if they sit by the front door as though you had just come in, and be sure to truly complete your look including the third piece as well as a bit of make-up and attention to the hair. I guarantee you will feel more energetic (getting dressed will put a pep in your step), more pulled together, and more confident!


What to consider…

The pieces you consider could be cutoffs, cargo pants, crop (comfy) jeans paired with a camp shirt (I always think white but it could be black or a fun print), a peasant top or fluted relaxed top of some kind. A cute cardigan over a tank or a super thin pullover sweater could be other options.  Combine any of these with a flat sandal (something nice—not your ratty beach or pool flip flops! You can tell I am on to what your inclinations are…). You may even consider a delicate gladiator strappy look, a driving moc, a sneaker or slide.

Just take the time to look around and create a look that when you check yourself out you think “I look so cute!” You will like how you feel! And that liking how you feel changes how things will move forward in your day. I promise.

Be sure to check out what we found and love that could fit the bill for those little somethings that will perk up your look, give you a fresh perspective and add a zing to your day.

It could be that in looking over what we are sharing that you will remember that long lost piece in your closet that you haven’t worn in a long, long time. Goodness knows we all have those beloved and forgotten pieces. So whether it’s new or newly discovered it will feel like fun!

Happy hunting!

Warmest, Bobbi

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