As the summer heat starts to build shorts are the handiest article of style we can use to feel more comfortable… And there are so many ways to wear them and so many different categories of them.

So, this week we are sharing some spectacular short finds along with a few tops, third pieces, and shoes that you can easily pair with them to “up” your chic summer look.

You can readily create the illusion of a variety of looks by simply switching your tops and shorts, making it super easy for you to put yourself together, looking fabulous, without a lot of effort. We have also included every length of short, so you have options of what works best for you.



A short we especially love is the cut-off look which is fun, super adorable, and easy. Pair this short with an iconic white (or black) t- shirt and throw on an easy third piece—maybe a denim jacket or light weight cardigan. Flip flops and white sneakers are the perfect finishing touch, and off you go.


Bermuda Shorts

Once again, the longer Bermuda short look is perfect when paired with the iconic white or black t-shirt, along with a delicate, black, kitten-heeled, strappy sandal. This look is dressier, simple, and understated, getting you miles of chic. Remember to add your third piece which could even be a simple wrap (to handle the air-conditioning in restaurants, should you venture out).


Khaki & Print Shorts

It goes without saying that the iconic, white t-shirt naturally goes perfectly with classic khaki or even print shorts. A fabulous addition to these short looks though is the white, (what I call) “camp” shirt. If that term isn’t familiar to you, just know it is a short sleeve button up shirt with a collar. They are everywhere this season and are perfect with your shorts and so much else in your summer wardrobe.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We have included every length of short, so you have options of what works best for you.[/perfectpullquote]

You’re not only going to want to check out all the short treasures we have for you, but also the cool, beat-the-heat, summer necessity tops we’ve shopped that we think will make getting dressed a true joy. And last but certainly not least, we’ve included some shoes and third pieces to help finish your look. As an added bonanza, be sure to check out Essential Third Pieces, Essential Sneakers and Essential White Tees to see a full spectrum of these luscious pieces that literally pop your look… all here on the Be Iconic Style shopping page!

These pieces are so easy to wear. They will help you look and feel like a million, and what we have suggested will make dressing a breeze! A cool one we hope…

Have tons of fun!

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