Shoes! A topic near and dear to all our hearts…

Is it any wonder we’d want to devote a blog post to them? This season’s versatile choices in shoes will give you worlds of ideas to put a fun and chic twist on whatever look you want to create, and we’re going to share with you some of the styles that we are currently possessed by!

Right now we’re loving the gladiator-type sandals that look so fabulous with a skirt, shorts, and crop pants—including the adorable crop straight leg jean!  I love the idea of that jean, paired with a chic (and essential) white tee, and a third piece with a big, yummy, buckled belt.

We are truly possessed by the boots we’re seeing… and we love that they have become a year round staple! All of the show-stopping silhouettes featured will take you into fall but are also great additions to your summer look.  I love the idea of the mid-calf cowboy boot with denim shorts, mini-skirts, or dresses.

The short suede booties are glorious with a pair of bootcut jeans, an essential white tee, and big buckled belt. The chunky boots are tons of fun paired with jeans or leggings tucked in, or even paired with cutoff denim shorts! And of course they will be perfect this fall….

Be sure to check out the croc effect pumps we included as they are not only absolutely stunning, but are also timeless additions to your year-round look. And we can’t leave out our love of slides and mules—they are beyond perfect with the straight leg crop jean!

And the sneakers—we LOVE sneakers! Pair them with skirts, dresses and cut-off shorts. Don’t you just love this season’s newest sneaker additions?

You’re definitely going to want to check out this season’s stunning collection of across-the-board shoes that we’ve curated just for you… they are all truly glorious!

Happy hunting!

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