When it comes to gauging one’s success, the handbag that you carry is second only to the shoes that you wear in terms of letting others know where you fall in the spectrum.

That being said, I will always urge you to invest in your bags.
Here, in “Tailored to Fit Your Budget,” you will love shopping for the investment bags that you covet at a fraction of the price you would pay if you walked into any of the retailers who carry them…
BUT, as you consider which bags you may want to town, take note: ALL SALES ARE FINAL on handbags at The RealReal. So be sure you LOVE what you select, as it will NOT be returnable.
We believe in these bags so strongly that we wanted you to see them, think about them (though not too long as they sell like hotcakes despite ALL SALE BEING FINAL) and then when you find that fabulous designer bag that will give you miles of credibility…. BUY IT!
We live with our bags more than anything or anyone on this planet so having something you love and treasure is what you deserve… Especially at these prices!

Have fun and invest!


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