Sale season is here and how much fun is that!

You’re going to want to shop our favorite finds that have now gone on sale. We have unceasingly (and I do mean that) sorted through our favorites from this fall season to eliminate the “sold outs” for you. We ask your patience as you happily shop for those items and bump into more that have sold out since…

Awareness Alert:

The fashion world is changing and this season the way that the retailers bought continues to demonstrate those changes. The buys these days are much shallower so there is little depth in the number of pieces we see and want, which means there are fewer fabulous goodies that make it to sale. If an item makes it to sale, that item can be gone within hours. I wanted to make you aware of this so if there’s something you are pining for think about buying it earlier, at less of a markdown, or if your budget can handle it, at full price. In addition, the deeper markdowns came early this year so don’t look for deeper markdowns later.
Also, please keep in mind that we pulled any sale item from Forever 21 because all sales are final on their sale. If something has been marked down in the last couple days, please beware—I don’t want you to get caught with something that doesn’t fit and you’re unable to get a credit.
Beware also of Saks as once they go to 70% off they historically make all sales final as well. And of course at Barney’s Warehouse all sales are always final.
Well…now that the details of negotiating the sale world (who knew that would ever get complicated!) are out of the way, I want you to have the best time! This really is the perfect time of year to acquire!
Have fun!