Most celebrities are lucky enough to be styled in the seasons’ hottest trends by their Hollywood stylists.

While we can’t all live the glamorous lives of our favorite celebrities, we can certainly take inspiration from them! “Celebrity Street Style” is where we share some of our favorite looks so that you can craft your own using pieces from your own wardrobe. Coupled with Bobbi’s commentary, Hollywood style can be yours!

Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan looks relaxed and simply (as in simplicity) adorable. Love the simple lines… the iconic white t shirt, simple black skirt, python print neutral pointy toe flat. Super easy.

Joan Smalls

Looks fresh and just fabulous in her white crispy shirt with short off-white cardigan. The white/off white combo is eternally yummy. Love the chic pulled back hair as it adds to the whole clean simple impact of what she is wearing… a great look you too can adopt.

Joan Smalls

looks totally fabulous. Don’t laugh but she is channeling my inner Bobbi Schwartz… or maybe I should say don’t be horrified. I just love the distressed with the simple tank, crossbody and construction boots… If this fun look speaks to you, well, emulate and have fun rocking it!

Candace Swanepoel

looks stunning… love the all white combined with the off white sweater (my all time favorite color combination… chic, chic and more chic). Simple jewelry and messy hair. Perfect for summer. Love the sandals and the only change I would make is … they would be tan instead of black.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

looks trés chic in her straight ankle length jean. Love the cap-toe shoes… be they pumps or flats they are fabulous. The mini Fendi crossbody is a WOW! The white T and menswear double breasted plaid blazer are perfection. Note the length of the jacket. It is every girl’s best friend. This look is super easy to do for yourself so copy away

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

is stunning in this timeless look. Every single aspect of it is off the charts in terms of chic and style. The cutaway sort of halter on the top is a woman’s friend for sure. The Louboutin pumps you would have forever…pointy toe and incredible (suede or patent instead of leather just to be clear). The simple hair and jewelry only add the finishing touches to iconic style statement. My prayer is that you decide you must copy and make your own… wow, wow, and wow some more!

We don't know

who these women are, but we love the white T with the rolled sleeve! We also love the shirt or jacket tied around the waist. Love the aviators and the lack of jewelry when they are being casua…the relaxed and natural look

Heidi Klum

looks fabulous! We love the chambray and denim combination with the flare leg and note the absence of a belt…much more relaxed and chic in this instance. Love the faded look of the jeans. Love the aviators, the hoops and then no jewelry as it is chic and casual. Love the tan of her Birkin bag, her ponytail and French manicure color on hands and toes.

Karli Kloss

looks super casual and super fabulous here. The long navy trench coat over the grubby T paired with faded boyfriend jeans and the essential white sneaker are perfect. Love her bag and the total lack of any other accessories, making this the super casual look it is. The only jewelry that would be acceptable with this look would be SUPER SMALL hoop earrings and a big faced sport watch. I am not recommending them as I personally like what she did. Just am offering for those who seem to need jewelry.

Kendall Jenner

This look on Kendall is fantastic. Love the pointy pump as it is sexy and fabulous. Love the casual grey t shirt with what would normally be a dressier look. Her accessories free look along with her crossbody bag make this look perfection.

Miranda Kerr

looks ever so chic in her fabulous distressed jeans with her trendy animal print smoking slippers and timeless trench. The stripe crewneck sweater adds just enough pattern with the shoes to make it fun. Her oversized Celine tote and lack of other accessories tops off this incredible combination. Simple but stunning!

Victoria Beckham

We love Victoria Beckham’s white look. Ultimate simplicity…again, note the lack of accessories (well, except for David). The narrow crop pant, double breasted blazer and simple pointy toe pump are a timeless simple chic that is perfection to emulate!


looks stunning in her white crispy shirt and soft peach blazer with her skinny somewhat faded jeans. Her sandals are the most flattering silhouette possible in a sandal. And the simple chic is perfection.

Elle Macpherson

looks eye catching in her workout everyday look. The proportions really make this whole grouping. The crop leggings with the longer tunic top and shorter jacket…. Something to do with your own pieces. Her aviators and lack of jewelry are the perfect accessories.

Jessica Alba

looks incredible in her ultra feminine chiffon ballet inspired skirt paired with the crop black sweater. Her sandals are the most flattering style you could put on your foot. Love the very Audrey Hepburn hair and black sunglasses.

Rosie Huntington-Whitelely

knocks it out of the park in this incredible look from top to toe. The all black body conscious sweater and skinny jean with the neutral coat over it and the, once again, fabulous sandal with the simple slick back bun, black sunglasses and the “ladies that lunch” style and sized bag….wow, wow, and wow some more!!!!

Penelope & Monica Cruz

are adorable in their sneakers and baggy jeans…especially Penelope. Love the white tank with the crop v neck cardigan left open at the bottom. Her hoodie is fabulous. No jewelry is perfect. All very relaxed and natural.

Allesandra Ambrosio

lookz casual chic in her denim shorts (any length would work) simple black tank… a black T shirt would work too. Her white skaters, jean jacket tied at waist and aviators all create the perfect knock around look. It is in the details.

Gwyneth Paltrow

is trés chic in her timeless look. The perfect white T that flutes away from her body. The black crop pants are something you want to own. And the black print pointy toe pump adds just that little something. The ponytail is a for sure if your hair is long enough.

Chrissy Teigen

looks amazing in this perfect casual look. The denims mixed, the white T shirt under the faded denim shirt left open like a jacket, and which you could tie around your waist if it gets hot.  The very delicate, neutral, FLAT, strappy sandal and the ever so yummy Chloé bag make this look stunning.

Katie Holmes

This is my favorite sleeveless silhouette. It shows off everyone’s arms and shoulders to tremendous advantage. The simplicity and powerful chic are front and center and this look goes from black tie to cocktail to jeans and shorts. There would be minimal jewelry (earrings and maybe some sort of bracelets… cuff or combination of links).  This is so easy to emulate and has a wow factor off the charts.