By BIS Founder, Bobbi Schwartz


Jeans make up such a large part of our wardrobes. They are the go to staple for both casual, what I call casual chic and the all important Saturday night look. The important thing here is…how flattering are your jeans?

Denim exists in almost every shape and texture to tempt us…


Flare leg jeans look good on everybody, and as a style, will stand the test of time. And I’m not kidding when I say this style is truly fabulous on literally everyone and should always be a staple in your closet. You can Never go wrong with this style. It makes you taller, leaner and just plain beautiful! They are trending right now but when that trend passes you should still wear them and know you will always be a show-stopper in them! They are style that never looks dated.
Skinny jeans…well, most of us have hips of some sort, so a longer top is recommended to give you a longer, leaner and yes maybe even “skinny” look. The tunic sweater, the longer and fluted white t-shirt, and the longer white crispy shirt are all alternatives that are flattering with the skinny jean.
The wide leg jean is oddly very flattering to your backside and I love this jean for all the chic it offers. This is my favorite look in general right now. Wide leg jeans look fabulous with all kinds of tops as well as chunky boots, clogs, mules or slides, sneakers (white), flip flops and more. Like the flare leg, this fit is super flattering on all body types and is a style that will bring many compliments and requests regarding where you found your jeans.
The boyfriend, of course, is another chic, fun and creative option.
Cropped jeans…Now there is a topic! It all depends on the style, but here are my thoughts. The crop jeans I find most flattering (and this is all about you looking your most beautiful) is the wide-leg crop, the mid-straight leg crop and the skinny crop. The cropped, flare-leg is a huge no-no as it is not flattering on anyone! Frayed edges are good. And while it is still chilly out, one of my very favorite looks is the cropped, wide-leg with a pair of mid-calf or knee-high boots… absolutely NO booties. The bootie look with crop jeans only cuts you and your look off… Please trust me on this!
[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Flare-leg jeans stand the test of time and look fabulous on everyone—but beware the flare-leg cropped jean as it looks good on no one![/perfectpullquote]


There are many washes. My preference is the mid, sort of distressed look. Also, speaking of distressed… I truly do like distressed; certainly not every pair but some anyway. I also love the faded wash, but not as much as the almost light-blue wash. I am not a fan of the dark denim wash however. To me it looks like it should like the only thing missing is a crease down the center of your pant legs a la 80’s throwback…and not in a good way! This season, denim will also be available in the trending “ice cream” shades and bright colors as well—and in all the styles mentioned about. I am a big fan.


Where shoes are concerned, ballet flats, platform sandals, strappy sandals, flip flops, boots, sneakers (both the white leather and converse) and clogs look fabulous with jeans. The biggest fashion no-no would be the trainer.  Please do not EVER wear your true workout shoes with your jeans. Sadly, this is one of the most embarrassing looks that identify an American overseas. And it is embarrassing. Do yourself a favor and say NO to this look!!


Most of my private clients, are happy to pay full price for whatever jean we end up doing but for those of us who are budget conscious, I truly recommend fast fashion and the discounters. You get so much bang for your buck, and when you shop the discounters, you’ll find the same brands that you pay full price for at the designer retailers, priced beautifully.
Where fast fashion denim is concerned, H&M, Forever 21 and Target are my favorites, and for the discounters, Saks Off 5th is always my first “go-to” place, both online and and brick and mortar. I think they have the best selection and pricing by far. My second choice is Nordstrom Rack—but only online. Their online selection for every category of apparel is far superior to the brick and mortar stores. Sad but true.
Other discounters I love are Neiman Marcus Last Call and Century 21.
So, ladies, check out what we have found for you to love and wear! Have fun!