We’ve all been there: what do I do with my hair?

It’s so tempting to give in to the trends, but if you stop and think about it most runway models (where a lot of hair trends begin) have styled wigs or extensions during the runway shows, so when you chop all of your hair off and bleach it, that is a trend you’re going to have to wear for a few seasons while those models jump right on to the next show and the next trend following the show.  What about the celebrities who give in to the trends or even start them? Well, a professional stylist can do a lot with a lot of money. Let’s give your hair, your hair stylist, and your wallet a rest and look at what really makes for timeless, classic, and ultra chic hair.
Deciding on an overall aesthetic (long, short, etc.) allows you to set the foundation for the styles you can incorporate in to your overall look.  First, let’s think of your day-to-day. Are you athletic or are you in other situations where you’ll need to pull your hair back? If yes, then keep it long or at least able to be out of your face with the assistance of a headband. If you aren’t so much looking for function but style, you also have more options when it comes to styling long hair than short. But to each there own and not to mention there are gorgeous looks for all lengths, textures, and colors!
Here are a few of our personal favorites as well as some products to help get your hair looking fabulous like our inspirational hairstyles.
Long: Demi Moore Demi always has long, thick, shiny locks that keeps her youthful and fresh. Whether she just wears it straight and natural or puts some curls on the end, her hair is always eye-catching.
Mid-length: Jennifer Aniston Although the length has changed slightly in length over the years, Jennifer has always gone with a cut that frames her face, soft highlights, and a natural straight look.
Short: Robin Wright Although this cut isn’t for everyone, Robin pulls it off well because of her strong jaw and high cheekbones. The fact that there is still some styling (the side-swept longer bangs) helps it look updated and fresh.

Low Ponytail

chichair_lowponyallThe messy low pony is a great option to keep your hair pulled back but still keep it soft. Adding some waves or curls to the end of your hair helps add some style and dresses it up a bit and softens your features.

High Ponytail

There are so many things you can do with a hight ponytail and each gives off a different vibe. The messy, casual pony is good for days around town, the loose ponytail is soft and is a good option for dressy casual situations, a slicked-back pony is a big more high-fashion and can help accentuate your face shape, a braid is always fun to throw in once in a while or even curls for going out or more of a dressy environment.

Top-knots and Chignons

chichair_topknotallThe top knot is a great style for casual, everyday and if you wear it messy it adds a little volume and that not-trying but put-together look. For a more professional or dressed-up look, a smooth top-knot is a great option. Of course there is the classic chignon which is a great way to have your hair pulled back and stylish both in the daytime and at night.