By BIS Contributor Laura Symons


Our morning routines all vary from one to another.

Some of us shower at night, others in the morning. Some of us drink coffee, others prefer tea. As women, we all have the burden of putting our “faces” on and styling our hair. Our finished look is often dictated by how much time we may or may not have. Rather than relying on that old boring pony tail you wear to the office because you ran out of time to style your hair, why not try one of these hair hacks and see how easy it is to look polished without the hassle of a full salon visit?! All of these easy looks can be done with day old “dirty” hair. I rely on quite a few of these looks myself to get me out the door and looking chic in half the time.


CowlicksTame your cowlicks

Be sure to smooth out any natural cowlicks you may have before styling your hair. This will aid in providing a more polished look to your day old style. You can always lightly spray down your hairline with water, then restyle with a round brush and blow dryer. Or you can run a flat iron over each section to smooth and control your hair.




Dry Shampoo

This is a must in my bathroom product wardrobe. I always keep an extra can around, especially when I am running behind schedule in the a.m. Lightly spritz at the root to refresh your look from the previous day and neutralize any odors. It’s a quick fix to freshen up your locks on the go.




Dealing with those pesky strands that won’t lay down? Try this simple trick by spritzing a toothbrush with hair spray then brushing your strands down…you’re welcome!




PonytailPretty in a pony

There are rules to wearing a ponytail. First, you must brush your hair before pulling back into a ponytail. It may sound silly, however, most do not take the time to do this and the end result clearly shows. When gathering your hair into the pony, keep brushing your strands back into the direction of where it will be secured. Tie the band around your hair until tight, then take a small section of your hair from the pony and begin to wrap it around the band to cover it. Secure with a bobby pin and set with hairspray. This will take your boring old pony into a fashionable, trendy, off the red carpet look.



TopKnotThe top knot

I adore this look. I wear this style often because of how effortless and trendy it comes across. This super easy, messy bun is quickly thrown up with a hair tie and a few bobby pins. Don’t over think it, pull back into a high ponytail, and wrap into a bun. Secure by using a hair tie and pull the bun apart loosely to add fullness. This will make your bun look fluffy and full.




The mini bunMiniBun

Try this trending look with a cute dress or distressed jeans. You will tap into your inner rocker with a half up bun, while the rest of your locks are free to fall. This is a super fun, flirty look that will absolutely grab attention. Style with a small hair tie and hairspray. Pull apart your bun to add texture and deconstruct to your look.




LowBunFlying low

If you are not one for height, you can wrap your hair into this easy low knot. Back comb the crown of your hair to help give fullness, and pull back gently into a ponytail. Secure with a hair tie. Wrap the ends of your hair into the shape of a knot and secure with a bobby pin, allowing a few strands to fall, framing your face.




BraidBraid it up

Feeling a little shiny at the roots? Try a mini braid which will help frame your face. This will help gather your hair up and out of your way so you can go another day without shampooing. Do a traditional 3 strand French braid starting at the part of your hair and working around the hairline. Set with a bobby pin and hairspray.




FrenchBraidClassic French Braid

You can’t go wrong with a classic French braid. The simple yet sophisticated style will command the room any time of the day. You can do a 3 to 4 strand braid adding hair as you go down the back of the head. Secure with a hair tie and finish with a styling spray.




The Beach wave

If you happened to wear your hair the previous day curly, this beachy look will be a cinch to style. Using a few hair ties and a curling wand, simply follow these twelve steps. Set with a wave spray to create more texture and you are ready to go for the day.




WetSet_BeachWaves“Wet set” for Beach Wave

If curling irons are not your forte, try this simple look to create a beach wave with no heat. French braid your hair when wet into Dutch braids, preferably at night. Let set until dry, about 4-6 hours. Take your hair down in the morning, working your fingers through to separate your strands apart. Spray with a texturizing wave spray and scrunch to style. Let this boho style set the mood for your day by throwing on a pair of cute gladiator sandals.



WrapWrap it up

This is a super easy way to cheat your styling regimen. No need for much styling here. Throw on a cute head wrap and go about your day. I love to accessorize my hair when I am low on time. This will make it appear as though you had every intention of pulling off this adorable look.




Roll it up

If you are wanting a faux up-do, this is your go to style. Make your friends envious of your styling abilities with a simple rolling technique. This headband is secured around your head with a flexible elastic band, so you can take your locks and fold them up and around to create a styled up-do. No need for bobby pins here. Just set with hairspray and you are ready to go!




DecorateDecorate your do

Feeling a little creative this morning? Try out some hair art using bobby pins. Gather your hair back into a half up look and secure with a bobby pin. Choose a bobby pin that contrasts your hair color so you can see your shape better. Using additional bobby pins, place them into a geometrical shape. Viola!!! You have taken your plane jane style into a trendy look within a matter of seconds.




HatTop it off

Last, and certainly not least, never under estimate the power of a hat! Trending now is the boho festival vibe of large floppy felt hats. Try one on and fall in love with this easy look. Hide any day old hairstyle and let your hat set the look for the day.



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