Ladies, studies show that the average woman spends 45 min a day deciding what to wear.


We all know this time is fraught with stress and anxiety, even just for work, never mind a date; there we can just bump those stress numbers up exponentially.

Well, be anxious no more. After making a study of daily dressing over a number of years I have developed a system of essentials that eliminates this anxiety producing exercise. I have done so because I have found that we, as women, shop like creatures looking at shiny objects, so we end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

I work with my clients to eliminate all of this. The way we do it is by creating and filling a list of essentials from which we can draw and that we use in many capacities.

Today I will share the list we use for the 10 dating essentials every woman needs to own, and these pieces can be perfect for anything from casual, to work to cocktail.


1. For that casual sexy date…

we must include jeans which I believe are the staple of American life. For our purposes here we will be pairing them with a sexy top of some sort. Remember, whatever the current trend, your jeans must be flattering. A style is only good if it is good on you. Flare jeans are a “go” for everyone. The curve of them is sexy, flattering and an all-around winner… just ask any man.

Wide leg jeans come and go and they are wonderful as they flatter the backside by, oddly enough, making it look smaller. Skinny jeans, the current hot trend, are yummy but be sure to wear them so you look fabulous. If you are narrow in the hips these are great. If you are big in the caboose, be honest when checking yourself out. Remember we are working to attract, not repel… so be sure. If you feel a shorter top isn’t your best look, then find one that covers the hips. Mid-thigh is the best as it really slenderizes and lengthens.


2. Sexy, not trashy, tops.

The halter top is incredibly flattering and you want to make sure you have one that goes up to the base of your neck. Halter tops that are low in the front have too much going on visually and they are not chic. Remember we want to create some mystery instead of:

  • sending the wrong message (unless you are just looking for a one night stand)
  • from a design perspective there is just a lot going on
  • the higher neckline is just plain chic in this situation

Halters are the most flattering to your arms (and this of course extends to the sleeveless cutaway or racer back look in any top). When you think sexy top, think in terms of what I mentioned above. Men love mystery. So, don’t give away the farm on first sight. And, when the sexy top isn’t too revealing you can use it for cocktail for work.


3. Pointy toe pumps or boots (depending on the season)

Why this style? They are SEXY. Take a survey with men and every time these will be a winner. Naturally they can be used in multiple wardrobe occasions.


4. Black strappy sandals

This style is a must for every dating wardrobe… sexy and feminine are crucial. And ladies you can dress for both men and women at the same time and be chic as all get out.


5. Black designer dress pants

Again, this staple will have multiple uses, are such a fabulous staple for your dating, business cocktail etc. wardrobe. When paired with the halter top or other sexy top this is a show stopper. You want to go designer because the fabric, drape and cut are sure winners and will look incredible on you.


6. LBD… The Little Black Dress

The LBD is another sensational piece, designer, and versatile. Again, beware of going too short or too skimpy as you want this piece to be timeless and so chic people will stop everywhere to look at you. Think Angelina when it comes to this piece.


7. The cashmere wrap

This is the perfect third piece accessory. It will keep you warm in a chilly restaurant or at the theatre and finishes off your look beautifully. I recommend owning black and also winter white as staples. You’re also going to want to do them in both a winter weight and summer weight. They are indispensable in both function and polishing your look.


8. The little black evening bag

Your evening bag should not be satin if you are going to make it versatile (because that is strictly black tie and the leather can be used for cocktail). Remember you do not want to use your day bag for evening. It is not appropriate and will diminish your chic…which after all is what we are about here. Once you have your bag in black you can branch out to other neutrals first then color if you are a color person.


9. Skirts… from pencil to flirty.

The length of the skirt will depend on the quality of your legs and once more, please, let’s go for sexy with sophistication… avoid being trashy. They can be fabulous for a dinner out as well as super casual, so be sure to include one or two.


10. Sexy, chic earrings, bangles, cuff, and a big faced watch…

These accessories are all the finishers you want. Remember… less is more so don’t overdo and look like your jewelry is wearing you. Simple but spectacular is what we are looking for here.


Here is your list. Be sure to check where you stand. If you don’t own all the pieces that we mention in this article, then make a list and acquire them. Take time to choose well and you will have your pieces forever. Then, when that date comes along you are prepared with confidence. And confidence is a winner every time.